How To Live A Creative Life On A Budget

How To Live A Creative Life On A Budget | By Curbly #diy #affordable #budget
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It can be tough to make a living in a creative field - but living a creative life can be so expensive! Oh, the irony. We get it... so today we're sharing some tips on how to live your best life on an artist's budget.   


How To Live A Creative Life On A Budget | By Curbly #diy #affordable #budget
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1. Use your local library

I can't even fathom the amount of money I've saved by using my local library over the years. First, there's the obvious one... borrow non-fiction books for inspiration, DVDs, music CDs, novels, etc. But many libraries also offer discounted or free passes to local museums - so grab a friend and hit up that modern art museum you've been meaning to visit. Libraries also often have classes, lectures and other free programs to get your creative juices flowing. 


2. Check for coupons... always!

Every single time you make an online purchase, do a quick Google search to see if there are any coupons available for the site you're buying from. You can also download Honey, a service which automatically checks for deals when you're making an online purchase. Also be sure to check for coupons when you're shopping in actual brick and mortar stores too - Michaels and A.C. Moore almost always have online coupons that the sales associate can just scan on your phone.    


3. Offer free promo

If you're a blogger, reporter or writer, offer to cover events in exchange for free admission. Interested in attending a creative conference? Get in touch with the PR person and see if they're interested in giving you a free ticket in exchange for promoting their event to your network. 


How To Live A Creative Life On A Budget | By Curbly #diy #affordable #budget

4. Take advantage of free online resources

CreativeLive is a great learning resource which offers classes on a variety of different topics... and they're free if you watch them live! Here are some other great websites you might want to check out: Skillshare, Canva's Design School and Coursera.


5. Use the buddy system

If you have a friend who lives nearby and likes to do the same kinds of craft projects as you... share supplies! Things that are easily shareable include sewing machines, saws, glue guns and other non-expendable items. You can also buy materials in bulk for a lower price and then split them in half (and split the cost!).


How To Live A Creative Life On A Budget | By Curbly #diy #affordable #budget
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6. Reuse and upcycle

If you like to paint, reuse old canvases that didn't turn out the way you wanted instead of buying new ones. If you're a crafter, think of everything as a possible material - salsa jars make great storage containers, security envelopes can be made into Christmas decorations and you can even make a wreath out of wine corks. 


7. Sell your creativity

And last but certainly not least, figure out how to use your creative skills to make money! You could sell your wares on Etsy of course, but you might also consider teaching a class or getting a part time job at a craft store so you can get a deep discount on supplies. 


Now it's your turn... how do you live a creative lifestyle on an artist's budget? Share your tips in the comments section below!


How To Live A Creative Life On A Budget | By Curbly #diy #affordable #budget
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