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Got a Home Depot Gift Card? Here’s What We’d Spend It On

by on Dec 22, 2017

In partnership with the Home Depot

There’s a common conception about the gift card: that it’s as good as money, and the recipient can use it to get whatever they want.

But here’s the thing. A gift card is not as good as cash. If it were, why not just throw a crisp $50 bill in an envelope and hand it over?

No, my friends. A gift card is better than cash. Because cash is for getting what you need! A gift card if for getting something you truly want.      

This is especially true for stores like Home Depot, which are full of all kinds of stuff that, if you’re being responsible, you could buy to care for your home or apartment. But gift cards aren’t income, so you should use them as they’re intended: to get an actual gift! For yourself!

A gift card gives you permission to get something you’ve always wanted, but haven’t yet justified spending the money on. Not a little box of screws or a dimmable light switch, but a treat for yourself that you can continue to use year round.

So, if you find yourself with a Home Depot gift card this season, here are a few ways the Curbly Team would spend it:

Here's what to invest in with the Home Depot gift card you got for Christmas.

#1: Bosch 65 ft Laser Measure – $40 

This is exactly what it sounds like. It’s a measuring tape, but with a laser! That’s amazing. Could you measure long distances with the old coil-y tape you already have? Sure. Will it be frustrating and take a long time and involve more math than necessary? You bet. 

I was given one of these, and at first I was a bit, “hmmm … trying to fix something that isn’t broken.” But since I’ve had one in my tool box, I find uses for it constantly. It helped us make a map of our backyard for our landscaping plans and yard renovation. It was extremely useful when finishing out my 33-foot-long basement workshop, which would have taken more than three 12′ tape efforts to get accurate. And, honestly, it’s super fun to use and I like knowing how far things are away from me.

I would have never bought this for myself, but now that I have one, I use it. All the time. Highly recommended. 

– Chris Gardner

#2: Dewalt Impact Ready Accessory Set – $49

If you own a power drill, then you have drill bits and accessories in your tool kit already. I would venture to guess, however, that if you’re anything like me, you buy them as you need them. You don’t need a large spade bit all the time, and you’ll just get one if a project requires it, right? Which means that you probably have lots of different organizers in different sizes and shapes, making finding things a hassle. This is your chance to rectify that.  This set has absolutely every bit you could ever want, and comes with sixty-five pieces! Seriously handy. If you just the basics, try this 30-piece MaxFit Driving set instead.

– M.E. Russell

#3: Milwaukee Heated Jacket – $199

We’re looking ahead at some painfully cold weather coming out way here in Minnesota. January and February in the Midwest is no joke, people. Even if you don’t work outside during the winter, imagine how much nicer scraping the ice and snow off your car in -20º weather would be if your body were enveloped in the delicious warmth of a heated jacket. Just something to think about…

– Bruno Bornsztein

All you want for Christmas is more storage, right? Here's how you should spend your home improvement store gift card - wisely.

#4: Husky 4-Drawer Tool Chest – $69 

I’m a full time DIY blogger and the owner of a 90-year-old home, so as you can imagine, I’m in a Home Depot store at least once a week. And almost every single time I’m in there, I pass by this simple, elegant ball-bearing-drawer tool chest with a gleam in my eye, like Ralphie dreaming about the blue steel of his beloved Red Ryder. 

The truth is: I want one, desperately, but I already have other ways to organize my tools, so I haven’t justified spending the money on this yet. But it’s so beautiful, and practical. The drawers work and slide with ease, and it’s quite robust for the price. I know what I’d store in each section, and exactly which tools would earn a coveted spot inside.

For now, I’ll probably just keep dreaming and dealing with my organization-less plastic boxes. But you, happy Home Depot gift card owner, are in a much better place to indulge on some sweet, sweet storage. Get one. 

– Chris Gardner

#5: Hoover Upright Carpet Cleaner – $128

This is by far the most “adult” item on this list. It won’t be fun to purchase, and it won’t really be fun to use. But the next time you accidentally trip and spill an entire bowl of tomato soup on your carpet, you’ll be thankful you own a carpet cleaner. 

– M.E. Russell

#6: Leather Tool Belt – $175

This is a total treat-yo-self way to spend your gift card cash. Unless you’re a contractor, you probably don’t need a high-end model. But who doesn’t want a swanky tool belt? You may have to combine a few gift card together to make this dream happen, but think about how handy having everything within reach would be.

– Bruno Bornsztein

Need help spending your gift card money? We have a few suggestions...

This post was sponsored by The Home Depot, but all opinions are mine alone. We love working with companies that support DIYers, and thank you for supporting the brands that help make Curbly possible! This post contains affiliate links; if you click on them and buy a product, we may get a commission from the sale.


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  1. I am lucky. I am a vet and get 10% off my purchases at home depot. Thank you Home Depot! Sometimes when I am just bored, I go and walk down the isles and get hundreds of ideas for future projects. Great store!