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18 Gifts for Home Chefs that You Can Buy from Amazon for Under $40

by on Nov 16, 2020


Holiday season is creeping up quick! Looking for gift ideas for the at-home cooks in your life, but don’t want do bust the budget? We’ve dug up 18 of our favorite cooking stuff finds, all on Amazon, and all for under $40. Keep reading for awesome gift ideas for chefs!            

Seriously Good Gifts for Chefs

Laser thermometer

Digital laser thermometer – $17

Point, shoot, and instantly get a temperature reading. At-home chefs no longer have to worry about putting their arm inside a dangerously hot oven to check on the bird – the laser does all the reaching instead.


A cookbook for movie lovers who like to cook.

Eat What You Watch cookbook by Andrew Rea – $17

This cookbook is perfect for the home cook who is also a bit of a movie buff. Eat What You Watch contains 40 recipes from your favorite classic or cult-classic films. 


Cast iron dutch oven - cooking stuff for Christmas

Cast-iron Dutch oven – $37

Dutch ovens are making a comeback in the cooking stuff world, and they are more affordable now than ever. Surprise the at-home cook in your life is a gorgeous cast-iron pot for under $40… they come in a variety of bright colors!


Apple peeler

Cast-iron apple peeler – $22

Shopping for cooking stuff for someone who already has everything they could ever need? I’ll bet they don’t have one of these! Sure, it looks like something you’d keep in your wood shop, but this suction-based apple peeler delicately skins and cores apples in no time. It almost makes apple peeling look fun!


Reusable K Cups

Keurig reusable coffee pods (pack of 4) – $10

This is one of those cooking gifts that might cause a little head scratching when they first open it, but bear with me. These Keurig reusable pods make fantastic kitchen gifts for several reasons. Number one, these reusable pods are the best on the market. I’ve tried others, and trust me, the rest are duds. These are just like K-cups, only reusable; all you have to do is scoop a little coffee inside, and you’re good to go. Second reason why this is a great gift? There are four of them! Meaning, your recipient doesn’t have to immediately wash the pod they just used if they need to make a second cup of coffee. Pair these reusable coffee pods with a bag of local beans for an eco-friendly gift.


Electric wine bottle opener

Electric wine bottle opener – $20

Cordless, and with enough charge to open 30 bottles of wine, this electric de-corker is a great gift for  the person who seems to have all the cooking stuff ever created.


Rice cooker

Eight-cup rice cooker – $30

A rice cooker is one of those things that everyone wishes they had, but no one ever thinks to buy for themselves. That makes this kitchen gadget one of the ideal gifts for chefs. This model of rice cooker is compact, meaning it won’t take up too much space in the kitchen, and it’s easy to clean and operate.


Pour over coffee kettle

Pour over coffee kettle – $24

For the at-home barista who hasn’t discovered pour-over coffee yet, this affordable coffee kettle is sure to shake up routine.


Electronic scale

Electronic scale – $15

A digital scale is one of those cooking gifts that’s perfect for fans of the Great British Baking Show. However, we’ll pass on Paul Hollywood poking his fingers at our bread.


Colorful mason jar lids

Colorful Mason jar lids, pack of 12 – $9

For the folks who make overnight oats, salad-in-a-jar, or just love colorful organization. 


Cook and carry crockpot

Six-quart programmable crock pot – $40

Even if the at-home chef you’re shopping for already has a crock pot, they probably don’t have this crock pot! Not only is is programmable (meaning you can set it to change temperature even if you’re away), but its Cook-and-Carry feature means the lid locks in place, making it a breeze to transport.


Electric kettle

Electric kettle – $17

This is another one of those gifts for chefs that they might not think to buy for themselves, but will be excited to receive. Its stainless-steel design makes it easy to clean, and your home-cook will be happy to free up an additional eye on their stove.


Compost bin

Stainless steel compost bin – $23

Looking for a gift for the environmentally-conscious chef? This sleek 1.3 gallon compost bin is ideal for storing food scraps, as it comes with a built-in charcoal filter to eliminate odors. 


Spice containers

Spice containers and labels, 12-pack – $16

Help your at-home chef get their spice situation under control with these easy-to-organize spice containers. They’re magnetic, so they can stick to the fridge, and thanks to their chalkboard sticker labels, they can be used and reused again.


Stocking Stuffer Gifts for Chefs

Milk foamer

Handheld milk foamer – $15

For those who consider themselves an at-home barista, this battery-operated milk frother can make foamy milk in under 20 seconds. 

Everything but the Bagel seasoning

Trader Joe’s Everything but the Bagel seasoning – $7

Everyone’s favorite seasoning is available on Amazon! This stuff goes great on avocado toast, on eggs, or simply over a salad.


Popcorn seasoning

Kernel Season’s mini popcorn seasoning – $15

Speaking of seasoning, popcorn aficionados will enjoy having complete control over their flavor choices with this variety pack of flavors. 


Vanilla bean paste

Pure vanilla bean paste – $15

Some of the best gifts for chefs are simply high-quality ingredients for them to work with. Stuff your chef’s stocking with this unique element for them to experiment with.

18 Gifts for Chefs you can buy on Amazon
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