Tool School: This Thing Will Change the Way You Clean Your House

Tool School: This Thing Will Change the Way You Clean Your House
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Some might say I'm a bit of a neat-freak, but if you ask me, I'm just an average gal who prefers a clean home. While I cherish my tidy place, I don't enjoy the act of cleaning nearly as much. I'm always on the hunt for products and tools that will make housekeeping an easier and faster job. Let me tell you what, guys: this is it. At the risk of sounding overly dramatic about cleaning, I have to say: I'm in love with this Dremel Versa.        


The new Dremel Versa
The Dremel Versa 4-Volt Litium-Ion Power Cleaner Tool

What is that thing? 

This is my new best friend, the Dremel Versa. You know the Dremel brand - famous for their etching and rotary tools. Recently Dremel has been branching out and expanding their product line - they're releasing a laser cutter soon, which is pretty badass. With the Versa, they've taken that same rotary and handheld power and created a palm-sized cleaning tool. It's unlike any tool I've ever used before. It comes with four attachments, a splash guard (more on that later), and a USB charger for its lithium-ion battery. This bad boy charges in just two hours, and comes with a built-in safety stop so you don't burn out the motor or injure yourself.

Tool School: The Dremel Versa

What does the Dremel Versa do? 

Essentially, this tool does the scrubbing work for you. If you've ever had to clean a tub covered in soap scum, or if you've tried renewing grount, you know how tedious and exhausting that kind of work can be. The quick rotating head on this tool makes quick work of all kinds of dirt, even baked on grime and rust. The Versa comes with four cleaning attachments for all sorts of messes:

1. The Foam Pad (white): Made from the same stuff as a Magic Eraser, these scrubbing pads can work with just a little bit of water. This foam pad is ideals for sinks, tubs, baseboards, and countertops.

2. The Non-Scratch Pad (blue): A little more "oomph" than the first pad, this blue one works well on baked on dirt and grime. Try it on pots or pans, the sink, the stove, and more.

3. The Heavy Duty Pad (brown): This pad is rough enough to remove rust, and can actually strip paint and removed scratches in wood. Heavy-duty indeed!

4. The Bristle Brush: This is my favorite attachment of the four, because it kicks up debris in hard-to-reach places. It's perfect for grout, sink fixtures, drains, or any grimy but tiny space.

The first three attachments go on easy, using a hook and and loop system (like velcro), and the bristle brush easily screws on the head of the Versa. 

The Dremel Versa with bristle brush attachment
The bristle brush attachment that may have literally changed my life

This tool is water-resistant, which means you can totally pair it with water or a spray cleaner. In addition to the four attachments, the Dremel Versa also comes with a splash guard. I didn't realize how useful the splash guard was until I didn't have it on. I was trying to show my wife how amazing this tool was, and the moment I turned it on, I completely sprayed her in water. Lesson learned - always use the splash guard when doing a wet cleaning.

The Dremel Versa with splash guard
This is a No-Splash Zone

Okay, but does it REALLY work?

Let me cut to the chase: Yes. The answer is a resounding yes. This tool is touted at the "fastest cleaning tool in the market," and I'm going to have to agree. Other than gluing an old toothbrush to the end of a power drill (which would look ridiculous), this thing is the most useful powered cleaning tool you can get your hands on. The charge time is fast, the power lasts a long time, and all the attachments mean it's versatile and flexible. 

The Versa-tility of the Versa

Once I figured out how to use this tool, I kind of just walked around my apartment hunting for things to clean. It's so fun and satisfying watching grime just disappear at the mercy of this powered tool. I cleaned my walls, some baseboards, my kitchen sink, the tub faucets and drain, the refrigerator... if it didn't move, I cleaned it. Here are a few other things you can use this tool on:

  • Hubcaps and tire rims
  • Rusty patio furniture 
  • Scuffed sneakers 
  • Food-caked microwave
  • Golf clubs
  • Outdoor children's toys
  • Shower glass

10/10, would scrub again

I might not use the Dremel Versa in your everyday housekeeping, but for tough grime and dirt, it's a handy tool to have in my cleaning arsenal. It's versatile, built tough, and its power is worth the price. Okay, now I'm off to find more random dirt in my apartment to scrub away!

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