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DIY This! Watercolor Pillowcases that Match your Decor

by on Jun 29, 2020

Photos by Holly Wade

There’s something about the look of watercolors that has always intrigued me, and I’ve been wanting to add that blended colorful look in my home for a long time. Well, I finally found my chance! With a simple tie dye kit, I updated my bedroom pillowcases to look like a watercolor canvas! Not only did it take less than 30 minutes, it came out light and blended just like I wanted for my decor. Incorporate your favorite colors to make a simple DIY pillowcase with faux watercolors that match your decor!          

DIY Watercolor Pillowcases

I was really worried that using traditional tie dye would give me overly dark or overly bright colors and wouldn’t have the right look for watercolors. It turns out I was wrong! Because most tie dye kits intend for the dye to soak into fabric for a long period of time, rinsing the fabric right away keeps everything perfect light.

By blending colors with a paintbrush and purposely leaving some white areas, you can achieve the watercolor look in your home in any colors you’d like.

How to make watercolored pillow cases


Materials for watercolor pillowcases


  • White cotton pillowcases
  • Tie dye kit
  • Plastic cups
  • Paintbrushes
  • Gloves, recommended
  • Plastic (for surface)

Note that the specific dye you use may impact the below instructions. 


Step 1 | Watercolor pillowcases

 Mix the dye according to the instructions. Add to individual plastic cups. Cover your work surface with plastic to protect it. 


Step 2 | Watercolor pillowcases

Wet the pillowcase and wring out excess water until damp. Lay flat on the plastic (the dye WILL leak through onto the plastic).


Step 3 | Watercolor pillowcases

Dip paint brushes into the dye and spread it onto the damp pillowcase in a random pattern, leaving some spots undyed. 

Note, the color will appear lighter once finished. 


Once the entire pillowcase (one side) has been painted, rinse under cold water until the water runs clear. Colors will appear lighter and more blended like watercolors. 

Wash and dry normally or by hand. Iron to remove wrinkles.

Details of watercolor DIY pillowcase

Throw in some comfy pillows and add them to your bed for a pop of color that doesn’t overdo it!

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