Make It! A DIY Tabletop Phone Stand with Personality

DIY acrylic phone stand

Since I'm a self-diagnosed lazy person, I'll admit it's really nice to look at things on my phone without having to pick it up. It's just soooo much work, after all! To prop up your phone while you work, sleep or browse, it's nice to have a phone stand, but it's better to have one with a bit of personality. This bright pink acrylic project definitely stands out as a modest but bright, statement-making DIY phone stand, and you can use any colored acrylic or plexiglass to make your own that fits your phone!          


Pink acrylic phone stand

I'm not going lie, cutting acrylic was a, um, new experience. Living in an apartment with minimal power tools or space to work with, I first tried the knife method (a scoring knife is recommended). It wasn't working as well as I would have liked, so I switched to my jig saw, but that is not ideal for cutting the smaller pieces...so I turned to my Dremel rotary tool that I had not actually used before. After a bit more research and several YouTube videos, I discovered this was the best method for me, but it still took quite a bit of work. Be aware that cutting acrylic may be a trial and error process for you, and having proper power tools for cutting plastics will help a lot. 


Materials for acrylic phone stand

  • Sheet of colored acrylic/plexiglass
  • Scoring knife, saw, or Dremel rotary tool* with cutting accessory
  • E6000 glue or equivalent
  • Marker
  • Ruler

*See my notes above about the different methods I tried for cutting acrylic. 


Acrylic phone stand | Step 1

Leave the covering on the acrylic/plexiglass. If it does not have a paper cover, add tape so that you do not have to mark the acrylic directly. 

Place your phone on top to determine approximate size and use the ruler to outline around the phone. 


Acrylic phone stand | Step 2

Using the cutting method that best fits your needs, cut along the lines. I'd recommend using a tool that you have the most knowledge or experience with. Personally, I found that the Dremel worked best, but it took a long time to saw through the acrylic. 


Acrylic phone stand | Step 3

Once the large piece is cut out,  cut another piece in same width as the short side and 2 inches long. This will prop up the acrylic phone stand. Cut another sliver about .5 x 1.5 inches for the phone to rest on. 


Acrylic phone stand | Step 4

Glue the sliver of acrylic to the bottom of large piece, about 1/2-inch from the bottom. Press in place and let cure until sturdy. Glue the prop piece to the back, several inches from the bottom so that the holder stands upright. 

Set on its side until the glue cures. 

Acrylic phone stand

Place upright on a table or next to your bedside, and rest your phone on your new acrylic phone stand!

DIY Acrylic Phone Stand
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