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Make a Stylish Leather Pendant in Under 15 Minutes!

by on Jul 23, 2020

Whenever I’m in need of new jewelry, I always turn to leather. It’s one of those wonderful materials that’s no mess, no fuss, AND the end result looks a million dollars. Now if that’s not a crafter’s dream, I don’t know what is!         

Details of leather pendant necklace

Since going back to work (after taking a year off for maternity leave), I felt like I could use some new necklaces to wear to the office, so I whipped up these pendants using leather scraps I found in my craft drawers. Want to make some of your own? Follow along below!


Materials for leather pendant neckalce


  • Leather scraps in different patterns and colors
  • Circle cookie cutters, one large and one small
  • Scissors
  • Pen
  • Ruler
  • Leather punch
  • Gold chain
  • Gold lobster clasps
  • Gold jump rings
  • Jewelry pliers


Step 1 - Leather pendant

Trace around a circle cookie cutter onto the back of your leather scraps. To make pendants like the ones pictured, you’ll need:

  • Two half circles in different colors
  • One full circle with a smaller circle traced in the middle to create a donut shape 


Step 2 - Leather pendant

Cut out the shapes you traced in Step 1 with a pair of scissors.


Step 3 - Leather pendant

Use your leather punch to make holes in each of the shapes as follows:

  • The two half circles should have holes in each corner, plus one in the middle of the arch
  • The donut should have a hole at the top and bottom


Step 4 - Leather pendant

Use a pair of jump rings to fix the two half circles together.


Step 5 - Leather pendant

Use your jewelry pliers to cut 3-4 short lengths of chain. Then attach them together with a jump ring to create a chain tassel. Repeat this step so you have 2 tassels.


Step 6 - Leather pendant

Attach one tassel to your joined half circles, and attach the other to your donut shape.


Step 7 - Leather pendant

Use jump rings to thread each pendant onto a length of gold chain.


Step 8 - Leather pendant

Lastly, attach a jump ring to one end of your chain and a lobster clasp to the other end to finish your necklaces.

Circular leather pendants on a chain

DIY leather necklaces
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