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10 Awesome DIY Large-Scale Wall Art Ideas

by on Feb 6, 2021

Photo: Lovely Indeed for HGTV

Finding large-scale art for your walls can be a difficult task, and finding something affordable can be even harder. So today we’re sharing DIY large wall art ideas for creating beautiful art for big walls on a budget. Click through for ten of our favorite projects.   

Octopus print large wall art ideas

Turn a Shower Curtain into Art

Turn a shower curtain into a unique piece of large-scale wall art using this genius (and simple) tutorial. [Photo: House of Jade Interiors]

Cross stitch wall art DYI project

A Cross-stitched Wall

A cross-stitched wall?! How creative! Learn more about it right here. [Photo: Mrs. Ferguson]

Large wall art with typographic posters

Use Numbers or Letters

Turn letters or numbers into a cool series of wall decorations. Get the tutorial here. [Photo: Desert Domicile]

literary wall art - poetry as decor

A Favorite Poem or Literary Excerpt

Write your favorite poem or literary excerpt on a large canvas using this fun tutorial. [Photo: Chris Loves Julia

Use polaroids as a collection of wall decor

Use a Collection of Photos

Hang a collection of Polaroids in a strategic way to achieve this fun effect. [Photo: Urban Outfitters]

Roundup: 10 DIY Large Scale Wall Art Ideas

Simple Painting

Try your hand at this simple painting technique using these instructions. [Photo: François et Moi]

Paper Maché Letters

Paper maché letters from the craft store can make a super fun piece of wall art too! [Photo: Jenni Bowlan Studio}

Roundup: 10 DIY Large Scale Wall Art Ideas

Repurpose an Old Tablecloth

This, believe it or not, is an old tablecloth! Find out how she turned it into wall art here. [Photo: Design Improvised]

Roundup: 10 DIY Large Scale Wall Art Ideas

Another Way to use Fabric to Create Cool Wall Decor

Here’s another way to use fabric to create cool wall decor. Check it out here. [Photo: Dream Book Design]

10 DIY Large Wall Art Ideas

Large-scale Photo Print

Find out how to make a large-scale photo print for your wall by checking out this video. [Photo: Lovely Indeed for HGTV]

Roundup: 10 DIY Large Scale Wall Art Ideas
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