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DIY Some Self-Care: How to Make a Soothing Chai Spice Tub Tea

by on Sep 10, 2020

Images by Marlene Sauer

It’s the most wonderful time of the year.

No, I don’t mean the Big C. My absolute favorite time of year is — fall!

Every year when autumn hits here in New England, my senses come to life. Crisp, clear air; leaves to crunch through; snuggly scarves; cozy lit windows on dark, chill nights; there are so many little daily luxuries to savor.

And this year I’m adding another one, which will also help in my goal of better self-care: DIY chai spice tub tea!

Keep reading to see how easy it is to make your own chai spice tub tea!          

DIY Chai Spiced Tub Tea

I know, pumpkin spice latte is still the fall season drink-darling of the internet, but I’ll choose a steaming cup of chai tea any day. That sweet and spicy scent sends me right into an autumn reverie. Since chai is both exhilarating and soothing, it’s perfect for a stress-reducing aromatherapy bath.

While aromatherapy is often geared around specific essential oils that promote different benefits, you don’t have to follow all the rules for a good self-care bath. We each have our own idea of what relaxes us. That’s why I can’t wait to have another soak in my DIY chai spice tub tea. It just melts all my tension away!

Plus, the epsom salt is known to relieve sore muscles, and black tea is full of antioxidants that are good for your skin. So this homemade tub tea is not only full of the joy of fall days, but it’s good for you, too!

Since chai tea is full of complex flavors, this recipe does call for some whole spices. I am providing links to online sources in the materials, but the cheapest place to purchase whole spices is in bulk at a health or international food store. Bulk spices are really inexpensive when you’re getting small amounts, so don’t balk at the long ingredients list!

Okay, are you ready to make your own chai spice tub tea? For 5 “servings” of tub tea, you will need:


A wooden spoon and containers sitting with spices.


Note that this listing is for 50 drawstring bags! A health food store should sell them individually if you just want a few. 


mix of spices and a tea cup

Measure all the ingredients, except cinnamon sticks, into the jar, and stir well until completely combined. You can use the spoon to gently crush the larger star anise pieces so they get evenly distributed.

Then, add the cinnamon sticks on top (they just are too big to be stirred).



How to Make a Chai Spice Tub Tea

Fill each tea bag until its about 2/3 full. Place a cinnamon stick in each bag, and tie. 

That’s it! When you are ready to use your chai spice tub tea, simply draw a bath, and place the sachet right into the water so it steeps, just like a drinkable tea. You can crush the bag in your fingers a bit to enhance the aroma. Bonus points for stirring an extra cup of epsom salts into the bath for even more benefit!

Then, recline into your chai scented tub and let your troubles simmer away.

Make homemade chai spice tub tea

DIY Chai Spice Tub Tea
Images by Marlene Sauer


I know it’s SUPER TEMPTING to make a cup of chai tea to drink with the same batch while you’re at it, but please don’t drink this mix with epsom salt — it works as a laxative when ingested. However, everything else is edible, so if you leave that out, you have a recipe for a delicious mug of chai!

These simple homemade tub tea sachets would make a great self-care gift, don’t you think? Just add a little gift tag to each bag. Or, you can gift a whole jar of the tea blend with some sachets, so your recipient can customize the strength of each individual pouch.

How to Make a Chai Spice Tub Tea
Pin now, soak later!

But, this is one of those gifts I *may* end up keeping for myself!

What’s your favorite way to unwind with some self-care? Tell us what relaxes you during this busy time of year! And, what do you think of this chai spice tub tea recipe?




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  1. What do the sachets do to the tub finish, whether enamel or not? Tea stains the teeth, does it stain the bathtub?

  2. I have not noticed the bathtub getting stained from the tea. Most likely it wouldn’t happen unless there was repeated use over a long period of time. That said, a quick wipe-down after use wouldn’t hurt! You can also leave the black tea out of the recipe and just use the spices for almost the same aroma.

  3. Since autumn has begun, I get apetite for teas like this one. In case I don’t like it, I can always use the spy for decorating 😀

    Kisses, Wer Ruft An.