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Get Ready for Christmas with this DIY Festive Bauble Piñata!

by on Nov 30, 2017

When it comes to Christmas Day activities, it’s fair to say that the adults in our household could just eat and chat from morning ’til night. After all, there’s a lot to catch up on when the whole gang gets together!

Get ready for Christmas with this DIY festive bauble piñata!

But now that our family is starting to expand with the next generation of littles, having something to keep the kids entertained has become much more of a focus than it was in years past. 

Get ready for Christmas with this festive bauble pinata!

And since piñatas are a big hit with both the young and young at heart, I thought I’d try my hand at whipping up a bauble-shaped one for this year’s festivities. Best part of all? It’s mess free, no paper mache required!


  • Paper lantern
  • Metallic tissue paper or cello sheets
  • Double-sided tape
  • Regular sticky tape
  • White card
  • Scissors (regular, plus fringing scissors if you have them)
  • Medium sized circular object (a cup will do)
  • Pencil
  • Ruler
  • String or twine
  • Candy

DIY bauble pinata - materials


Assemble your paper lantern according to the instructions on the packet.

DIY bauble pinata - step 1


Close up the hole at the bottom of the lantern with a cardboard circle taped in place.

Don’t worry about making this part look good – you just want to ensure that the bottom of the lantern is sealed off so that your candy doesn’t fall out. The fringing will eventually hide the cardboard from view. 

DIY bauble pinata - step 2


Start cutting your cello sheet into strips (I made my strips around 2 inches wide). 

DIY bauble pinata - step 3


Once you’ve cut all your strips, start trimming them to create a fringe. To do this, snip partway into your strips at regular intervals, stopping before you cut all the way through.

Pro tip: Invest in a pair of fringing scissors to make this step go a whole lot faster!

DIY bauble pinata - step 4


Begin covering your lantern with the fringed cello strips. 

To do this, apply a length of double-sided tape to the back of your fringe, on the uncut part.

DIY bauble pinata - step 5a

Then start from the bottom and wind your way up to the top, sticking fringed strips around the lantern in a spiral. 

DIY bauble pinata - step 5b

When one strip of fringe runs out, stick the next one on and keep working your way around the lantern.

Make sure you overlap each layer of fringe so no part of the lantern peeks out.


Once you’ve reached the top and your lantern is fully covered in fringed strips, fill the lantern with candy.

DIY bauble pinata - step 6


When your lantern has been filled, cut two semi-circle pieces of white card to cover up the hole in the top. Stick them down with sticky tape, leaving the metal hook exposed.

DIY bauble pinata - step 7a

Then add more fringe to conceal the cardboard. 

DIY bauble pinata - step 7b


Tie a piece of string or twine to the metal hook at the top of your paper lantern.

DIY bauble pinata - step 8


Draw a small circle on white card by tracing around a circular object (like a cup). Then cut out the circle with a pair of scissors.

DIY bauble pinata - step 9


Cut a length of card that’s around 3 inches wide and long enough to bend all the way around your cardboard circle.

DIY bauble pinata - step 10


Use a ruler to divide the length of card into 3 sections: 2 ‘tabs’ that measure 0.5 inches each and a larger section in the middle, which should measure roughly 2 inches wide.

DIY bauble pinata - step 11


Fold the length of card along the tabs so that they point in opposite directions.

DIY bauble pinata - step 12a

Then use a pair of scissors to make little snips in the tabs at intervals of around 0.5 inches.

DIY bauble pinata - step 12b


Bend your length of cardboard around the circle you cut in Step 9. Use the tabs and some tape to attach the circle to your cardboard strip. 

You should now have an open-ended cardboard cylinder.

DIY bauble pinata - step 13


Poke a hole in the middle of your cardboard cylinder and thread the string you tied in Step 8 through the hole so that the cylinder sits on top of your fringed paper lantern.

DIY bauble pinata - step 14


Fix the cardboard cylinder firmly in place by taping it down along the tabs.

DIY bauble pinata - step 15


Cover the cardboard cylinder with silver metallic fringing.

DIY bauble pinata - step 16

Once your cylinder is completely covered, your bauble piñata is ready for display! 

Get ready for Christmas with this festive bauble pinata!

These piñatas do double duty during the festive season – make them early in December and hang them up as part of your holiday decorations, then bring them out for a good pounding on Christmas day!

Get ready for Christmas with this festive bauble pinata!

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