63 DIY Advent Calendars to Get You in the Holiday Spirit

A DIY advent calendar is the perfect way to bring tradition and beautiful holiday decor into your home for the Christmas season. We scoured the web for our favorites – Scandinavian-inspired, modern, inventive, and colorful – so we hope you find one to make with your family this year! 


15 Scandinavian-Inspired Advent Calendar Ideas

Scandinavian DIY advent calendar roundup

It's almost December, which means it's time to bust out your diy advent calendar! Here are 15 Scandinavian-inspired DIY options to try this year.    

DIY advent calendar with hoop wreaths

1. Embroidery Hoop Wreath DIY Advent Calendar from Lapinblu

paper forest advent calendar

2. Paper Forest DIY Advent Calendar from Bloesem Kids

hanging gift bag advent calendar

3. Hanging Gift Bag Advent Calendar (with printable labels) from Tonje Boganes

4. Chalkboard and Ornament Advent Calendar from Modern Country Style

DIY hanging advent calendar

5. DIY Branch and Matchbox Hanging Advent Calendar from The Merrythought

advent calendar - hanging branch and paper

6. Hanging Branch and Paper Sack Advent Calendar from Third Floor Design Studio

7. Paper Box Village Advent Calendar from Mokkasin

chalkboard box calendar

8. Chalkboard Box Advent Calendar from Liebesbotschaft

bundle advent calendar

9. Hanging Bundle Advent Calendar from A Merry Mishap

geometric hanging advent calendar

10. DIY Hanging Geo Advent Calendar from A Merry Mishap

11. Reclaimed Wood Tree Advent Calendar from Deas og Mia

12. Wool Felt Wall Hanging from Apartment Therapy

chalkboard advent calendar

13. Hanging Chalkboard Advent Calendar from Hank and Hunt

linen pin and muslin bag advent calendar

14. DIY Linen Pin Board and Muslin Bag Advent Calendar from The Marion House Book

15. Wall-Mounted Tree and Paper Bag Advent Calendar from Elisabeth Heier



10 Imaginative DIY Advent Calendars to Welcome the Holiday Season 

By Faith Towers 

Roundup: 10 Imaginative DIY Advent Calendars

It doesn't seem possible that another holiday season is upon us, but it is... which means that if you plan to make an advent calendar, it's time to get started on it! This is a wonderful tradition, especially for children... when I was a kid I remember looking forward to opening my advent calendar each day in December. So today I'm sharing ten super creative, beautiful ways to make your own.   


Roundup: 10 Imaginative DIY Advent Calendars
Photo: Craft and Creativity

1. Simple brown kraft boxes are adorned with red and white, then filled with little goodies. Check out the full how-to here. [Photo: Craft and Creativity


Roundup: 10 Imaginative DIY Advent Calendars
Photo: Thirsty For Tea

2. This unique advent calendar is perfect for tea lovers! Get the full tutorial over here. [Photo: Thirsty For Tea]


Roundup: 10 Imaginative DIY Advent Calendars
Photo: Hello Wonderful

3. Stylized Santas make an appearance in this adorable advent calendar idea.  Click here for the free printable. [Photo: Hello Wonderful]


Roundup: 10 Imaginative DIY Advent Calendars
Photo: Love Decorations

4. Here, brown paper bags and doilies form a sweet little advent calendar setup. Read more here. [Photo: Love Decorations


Roundup: 10 Imaginative DIY Advent Calendars
Photo: The House That Lars Built

5. Here's a refreshing concept... fill your advent calendar with memories! Check out this adorable photo project here. [Photo: The House That Lars Built]


Roundup: 10 Imaginative DIY Advent Calendars
Photo: Thirty Eighth Street

6. This modern advent calendar has 25 activity ideas that will help your family celebrate the holiday season. Head on over here to check it out. [Photo: Thirty Eighth Street]


Roundup: 10 Imaginative DIY Advent Calendars
Photo: The House That Lars Built

7. This colorful Christmas bulb advent calendar is another creative one... get all the details  here. [Photo: The House That Lars Built]


Roundup: 10 Imaginative DIY Advent Calendars
Photo:  Paulsvera.com

8. If you gravitate toward Scandinavian style, give this beautiful calendar a try. [Photo:  Paulsvera.com]


Roundup: 10 Imaginative DIY Advent Calendars
Photo: Pillar Box Blue

9. If you enjoy upcycling, then you'll love this fun red and white tin can advent calendar. Get the full tutorial here. [Photo: Pillar Box Blue]


Roundup: 10 Imaginative DIY Advent Calendars
Photo: My Little Secrets

10. This black and white advent calendar is accented with pretty metallics. Read more about it here. [Photo: My Little Secrets]

Bonus! This free printable mountain advent calendar DIY from Curbly's own Stephanie Lee might be our favorite one on the list!

Free Printable Mountain Advent Calendar


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Roundup: 10 Imaginative DIY Advent Calendars
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14 Modern DIY Advent Calendars and Holiday Countdown Projects

By Capree Kimball

I'll be honest, I prefer that my DIY projects and crafts be heavy on the modern side of things. Sometimes it's hard to find ideas that are easy to make, affordable, and super contemporary. BUT! It can be done! Even the most ubiquitous Christmas craft, the advent calendar, can be turned into an aesthetically pleasing design object. Here are 14 examples that are sure to fit in with modern homes of all types!     

1. Craft Box Pin Board Calendar

2. Modern Plywood and String Advent Calendar

3. Paper Mountain Advent Calendar

4. Recycled Packaging Calendar Sculpture

5. Tied Up with String Calendar countdown

6. Reclaimed Wood Advent Calendar Tree

7. Photo Puzzle Advent Calendar

8. Colorful Boxes Advent Calendar

9. Colorful Punch Board calendar

10. Advent Activity Calendar with Free Printable Number Tags

11. Modern Branch Hanging Advent Calendar

12. Modern Boxes Free Printable Advent Calendar

13. Christmas Houses Free Printable Advent Calendar

14. Geometric Advent Calendar with Free Printable Templates




14 Colorful DIY Advent Calendars

Here we've rounded up projects for the color and design-loving set. Check out these playful, modern advent calendar ideas below. 


1. Modern Wire Advent Calendar from My Dubio

2. Colorful Paper Ornament Tree Advent Calendar from Curbly

3. Iron-On Advent Calendar Bags from Oh Happy Day

4. DIY Scratch-Off Advent Calendar from Rae Ann Kelly

5. DIY Lattice Advent Calendar from The Proper Pinwheel

6. Modern Hanging Felt Advent Calendar from The Sweet Escape

7. Modern DIY Advent Calendar Village from Curbly

8. DIY Paper Mountain Advent Calendar from Le plus bel âge

9. DIY Toilet Paper Roll Advent Calendar from Morning Creativity

10. Paper Crystal Advent Calendar from Mr. Printables

11. Giant Canvas Tree Advent Calendar from Oh Happy Day

12. Printable Holiday Box Advent Calendar from Oh Happy Day

13. DIY Typographic Advent Calendar from ManMade

14. DIY Geometric Advent Calendar from Madame Citron


10 Super Simple DIY Advent Calendar and Holiday Countdown Ideas

It seems as though every year is a foot race, with holidays paced out evenly throughout ... until the mad final sprint to the finish line with three major holidays right in a row.  That is why it is never too early to start prepping for that great gift-giving time of year.  Here is a roundup of 10 simple diy advent calendar ideas to help you in all your early preparation! 


1.  Magnetic Tin Advent, from Twig and Thistle.

2. Pyramid Tree Advent, from Julie Ree.

3.  Easy Paper Cone Advent, from Family Fun Magazine.

4.  Colorful Matchbox Advent, from Just a Girl.

5.  Stacked Matchboxes, from Country Living Magazine.

6.  Pinned Ornament Advent, by Bower Power Blog.

7.  Recycled Canned Ornaments, from House to Home.

8. Paper Envelope Advent, by A Few Things From My Life.

9. Vintage Spool Advent, by Just Something I Made.

10.  Simple Paper Bunting Advent, by Pink Pistachio.



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