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Decorate for Valentine’s Day with a Giant Heart-Shaped Balloon Display

by on Feb 7, 2018

With both Valentine’s Day and Galentine’s Day coming up, my house was in need of a little heart-filled holiday cheer. Valentine’s Day can be a great day for a party celebrating love or just as an excuse to get a few friends together, and one thing every party needs is a photo backdrop! This giant heart-shaped balloon display is easy to make on any wall to add a pop of pink or red and make the perfect appearance in the backdrop of your photos. 

When in doubt, balloons add a lot of fun to any occasion. Stick them to a wall with double sided tape (or even push pins at the knot), and they create removable art for photo opps. In this case, combine large and small balloons in different colors to create a 3D balloon display that POPS!

A heart made of different colors of pink balloons.

A pink and blue object next to bright pink flowers and tape


  • 9-inch pink/red balloons
  • 6-inch pink/red balloons
  • Balloon pump
  • Double sided tape (wall safe recommended)
Hand getting ready to inflate pale pink balloon using a machine colored fushcia and blue.


Inflate the larger balloons (about 14-15 of them) and tie ends. 

A woman placing tape on a pink balloon.


Place double sided tape on the balloons, near the tie. Begin placing on your wall, pressing in place and adding more tape as needed to stick. 

Light pink and dark pink balloons placed on a wall to make a heart.


Arrange the large balloons in a heart pattern, then fill in empty spaces with smaller balloons. When possible, try to hide the balloon ties against the wall. 

Part of a heart-shaped balloon display, featuring pale pink, violet and red.

Fill in with as many balloons as you wish, and overlap them to ensure the colors are evenly distributed.

The balloon display will last for several hours before the balloons begin to lose air. Depending on the quality of the tape, you may need to remount the balloons if any of them fall. Use it as a fun backdrop for photos or just a cute decoration to fill a blank wall! 

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  1. Awesome idea! Althought I think I’would prefer to buy some balloons, since I simply don’t have enough patience to sort the out. Anyway, congratulations on this creative spark!