Roundup: 12 Simple and Easy DIY Camera Straps

12 Simple DIY Camera Straps

My camera is always on the go, so I need a strap to keep my it safe. Here are some of my favorite do-it yourself camera straps. These DIYs are simple, unique, and most importantly, durable. Before you go out and buy one, check out this roundup of 12 camera strap tutorials.   


1. DIY No-Sew Fabric Remnant Camera Strap

This is perfect for you non-sewers, but I will admit, I would feel more comfortable with a few stitches instead of glue to secure my camera. I would use super glue instead of hot glue to keep it safe.

2. Woven Rope Camera Strap

All you need is store-bought woven rope, "D" rings, clasps, and a needle and thread. Check out the tutorial here.

3. Cotton Webbing Camera Strap

Cotton webbing is very sturdy and inexpensive. All you need to spice it up is a little paint. Check out the tutorial over on Design Love Fest.

4. Easy No-Sew DIY Leather Strap

This strap is seriously so easy. Go to your local leather store and grab a remnant of leather to cut into a strip. Get more details on this easy project here.

12 Simple DIY Camera Straps
Teva Blog

5. Braided Fabric and Leather Camera Strap

I really like this camera strap Leah Duncan made over on the Teva.com blog. Check out her project tutorial here. You can also grab some of her amazing textiles to make yours here.

6. DIY Scarf Camera Strap

There are many tutorials for this type of camera strap, but my favorite is this one from The House that Lars Built. You can check out the step by step photo tutorial here or click here for the video tutorial.

7. DIY Braided Rope Camera Strap

Almost Makes Perfect does it again with this simple braided camera strap tutorial.

8. DIY Macrame Camera Strap

Macrame is stylish and very durable making it a great option for a camera strap. Check out the project "how to" here.

9.  DIY Skinny Leather Camera Strap

This leather strap is very organic and simple. I like the durability of the grommet. Check out how Courtney from Always Rooney makes hers here.

10. Braided Jersey Fabric Camera Strap

Cut up an old t-shirt to make this light weight strap. Check out the details here.

11. DIY Vintage Belt Camera Strap

Run to your local thrift store and grab a vintage belt for this easy camera strap project. Find out all the details over on Poppy Talk.

12. DIY Paracord Wrist Camera Strap

To keep your camera from slipping from your hand make a paracord wrist strap. Check out the tutorial over on For the Love of Outdoors.

12 Simple DIY Camera Straps
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It's time to secure your camera in style!

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