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Before and After: A Lesson On Color In The Kitchen

by on Apr 17, 2017

Photo: Yellow Brick Home

This kitchen didn’t have much going for it, except for its size. So you can imagine that the makeover was pretty dramatic. Click through to check out the transformation, along with a few helpful tips on how to introduce color into your kitchen.   

Before and After: A Lesson On Color In The Kitchen
Photo: Yellow Brick Home

The new kitchen feels cohesive and updated, but with a sense of reverence for the historical vibe of the space. The brick, bead board and the glass chandelier all have a slightly nostalgic feel here. And the subtle green hue pairs perfectly with the rest of the neutrals in the space.  Here are three tips for using color in the kitchen:


  • Choose 3-4 major colors for the space to keep it feeling focused. Any more and it might feel scattered and not cohesive. Any less and you run the risk of it feeling very one-note.
  • Use darker colors toward the bottom of the space (on barstools, lower cabinets, etc.) so it doesn’t feel top heavy. If you’re going to add color to your cabinets, do the bottom ones or both – not just the top ones.
  • Consider the surroundings. If you can see the kitchen from other rooms, make sure that the colors complement each other. Also keep the amount of color consistent… don’t go completely neutral in the dining room, and then technicolor in the kitchen!

Interested in learning more about this renovation? Check out images from the entire process over at Yellow Brick Home.

Lowe’s Kitchen Makeover: Baltimore Edition! [Yellow Brick Home]


Before and After: A Lesson On Color In The Kitchen
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