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Articles by ZolaClaire

Vibrant colors and symetrical patterns are the main theme in my home and DIY projects.  For endless inspiration I look to nature and my current fascination is with the arms of an octopus.  The suction cups are mesmerizing!  My husband and I have an eclectic sense of style probably somewhat by default rather than by choice.  We pooled our stuff together and the outcome we hope, is warm, inviting and gives people an idea as to what's important to us (the little things).  We have lots of odd objects here and there and no clue as to what they are or were used for, but we cherish them and enjoy seeing them around the house.  We love the warmth and character of old things and have some items that may be considered antiques by some, and junk by others, but we just call it our stuff.  An old hutch, a sewing table, a swivel chair... are all in different states of disrepair, but we see their potential and use them daily with the intent that one day they will get the attention they deserve. The last few things I bought for my house are: spray paint, picture frames, and matting When I need to express myself, I often create an artistic graphic, then I turn it into something functional, like pillows or mosaics.  To see what I'm currently working on, go to I also like to write and I am pushing myself to be more humorous through my blog  I find that writing taks a lot of effort, and if you view my blog, you will see this through my irregular posts, but I think it's worth it in the end because it makes me happy :)