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Don’t Toss Those Vintage Kitchen Cabinets

The first place most people start renovating in their homes is the kitchen. More often than not the old kitchen cabinets are tossed aside for more modern ones. In our own home we utilized a small section of vintage metal 50s cabinets as furniture in our modern baby room. Baby’s need style too!   We took […]

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Plastic Cleaner and Restorer

Ever wondered how to clean and restore that great vintage plastic orb lamp or telephone you found, maybe even your storm door or CDs? Ever wonder how can I maintain new plastic items I buy so they always look new as the day I bought them, even my kids toys?   One of the most […]

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Build A Modern Bed

In responce to a question posted on Curbly, here is how to build an inexpensive but still very modern bed.  You can achieve a nice low bed with a very simple design. You could simply build a square frame that rests on the floor at the desired height by using 8×8. This would give you a nice […]

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