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Don’t Toss Those Vintage Kitchen Cabinets

by on Nov 30, 2006

The first place most people start renovating in their homes is the kitchen. More often than not the old kitchen cabinets are tossed aside for more modern ones. In our own home we utilized a small section of vintage metal 50s cabinets as furniture in our modern baby room. Baby’s need style too!


We took the overhead cabinet and mounted it to the wall to server as a storage unit for sheets and all the things baby needs, since they seem to need everything. The base cabinet has a formica top and plenty of storage for diapers and clothes. By adding a changing pad to the top we are able to use the counter as the changing table. Since the finish is enamel and formica it is super easy to keep clean and extremely durable. It will be able to take the harsh life a baby and toddler will dish out.

This unit provides a great deal of storage in a nice looking piece of modern designed cabinetry. So don’t toss those vintage cabinets.

Vintage Swank


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