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A Breakfast Nook Makeover And Some Notes On Scale

by on Jan 17, 2017

Photo: Amber Interiors

This little breakfast nook was fine. It was functional. But the point of today’s makeover feature is to show the power of scale, and how, when used correctly, it can elevate a space to a new level. So click through to check out the updated breakfast nook and to read more on my thoughts about choosing the right size furniture.   

A Breakfast Nook Makeover, And Some Notes On Scale
Photo: Amber Interiors

As you can see, the new breakfast nook has more of a presence now. There were only three major changes made – new chairs, different shades and the addition of a light fixture. The chairs are much larger, and they fill the space more effectively. They also correlate with the stockiness of the table, whereas the old chairs didn’t relate to the table in any way. I also love the texture that the upholstery adds. 

The high, empty white ceiling was just begging for a light fixture, and this one fills the space nicely. The rattan looks great with the upholstery on the chairs and benches, and it mimics the look of the shades. And it’s probably much more pleasant to sit there at night with the extra light source.

Lastly, the shades allow filtered light to show through, even when they are pulled down. Even though these shades are drawn further down than the ones in the ‘before’ photo, don’t the windows look larger in the ‘after’ photo? That’s because the shades are pulled down over the tops of the window frames so the height of the window is left up to the imagination. And thanks to the sheerness of the shades, it still feels bright and open. 

To read all about this makeover and to see the rest of the home (the entire house was redone), head over to Amber Interiors.

Before + After: Client Second Time’s A Charm [Amber Interiors]


A Breakfast Nook Makeover, And Some Notes On Scale
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