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6 Tips to Wean Yourself Off Television

by on Mar 9, 2011

We talk about cleaning up the physical clutter and dirt from our homes, but how about ditching some of the crud that takes up our time and mental space?  Face it, most television is mindless drivel and a huge waste of time. If you can resist the temptation to sit and stare (passive activity), you may be surprised at how much you can get done in a TV-less week. Tips for nudging TV out of your day include

Man and woman holding paint rollers and painting a white wall green.

1. Have replacement activities

2. Remove your cable subscription

3. Limit your TV viewing every day

4. Work on your goals

5. Don’t catch new shows

6. Put away your TV

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Now, just think about all the things you can really accomplish in that time. You’ll feel so smug and you won’t have to spend warm Spring days catching up.

1. Clean out a closet

2. Paint the back bathroom

3. Clean the baseboards

4. Clean out the pantry

5. Shampoo the carpet

6. Clean the windows

An unseen person in blue uses a sponge to clean a window's pane of glass.

7. Vaccum the ducts

When the weather turns nice, your space will be all spit-spot and you have plenty of time for a run, a bike ride, or roller blading, or a hike, or a walk…