Turn a Dining Chair into a Chaise Lounge

Turn a Dining Chair into a Chaise Lounge

I have never felt the need for a chaise lounge in my home. Until now, that is. I think it's because this chair-turned-chaise is such a cleverly weird idea. And who doesn't love finding new ways to use thrift store finds? To give this project a go ourselves, we'll need some stuff. Here it is:

  • a dining room chair
  • pry bar
  • hammer
  • paint
  • 2 chair legs, the same height as your dining chair's
  • 4- 1"x3" wood strips
  • plywood
  • foam
  • batting
  • fabric
  • staple gun
  • scissors
  • L brackets
  • screwdriver & screws

For the entire tutorial, head on over to Home Made Simple.

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Bundboy on Mar 22, 2018:

Does anyone have a link to this tutorial - the indicated site no longer exists

m on Mar 18, 2011:

you know the term is actually "chaise longue"... chaise lounge doesn't make any sense.

elseajane on Mar 07, 2011:

Pretty neat, I wonder how comfortable it'll be? EJ

Elizabeth on Mar 07, 2011:

Hey that's a neat idea! TFS :)

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