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5 Rolled Magazine DIY Projects

by on Mar 7, 2011

Two things glossy magazines have going for them: they’re colorful and plentiful. This also means they’re a perfect medium with which to make other stuff. The starburst pictured above seems to be made of wire, thread and rolled magazine pages. 

Found these bowls (and accompanying tute) over at Craftster.

Rolled magazines make artistic items.

Sister Diane shows us how to make a magazine reed box over at Craft Stylish.

Tightly rolled magazine pages make gorgeous reeds, which you can use to cover all kinds of things.

Diane’s rolled technique could be used to make these picture frames too:

Heres a simpler magazine reed project: covered picture frames.

Featured recently on Recyclart, this 16″ x 40″ piece consists of approximately 1050 rolled pages. It was created by Amy Varagiannis. A study in patience, no??

Tall rectangular rolled magazine craft item sitting up against a wall in a living room.



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