Five Interesting Kitchen Soffit Makeovers

Five Interesting Kitchen Soffit Makeovers

There seems to be two camps when it comes to kitchen soffits. Those who don't mind them (me) and those who hate them (also me). It all depends how they 'work' in the space. These soffits, like 'em or hate 'em, have been dealt with in interesting ways that might make living with one more palatable. Or not. How's that for equivocation?

Bead board was applied to the soffits, pictured above, to great effect. See before pics here.

Although we're not exactly told how it was done, A Fine Surface says glass beads and 'metallics' were used. (Beads mixed in with the metallic paint?)

kitchen makeover

Moulding was used to deal with some overly large soffits in this kitchen.See before pics here.

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This homeowner added crown moulding to the soffit and then did a wood-graining technique to blend with the oak cabinets. See more here.

A professional muralist used these soffits as a canvas.

So waddaya think? Do any of these make soffits more palatable? 

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Chris on Sep 03, 2014:

There is a stepped sofit design that will give a little more demension to your ceiling. It lets the ceiling come down to your cabinet line instead of it looking like your cabinets are trying to reach for the ceiling.

Christopher Kandrat on Mar 05, 2011:

Those are pretty nice

KitchAnn on Mar 04, 2011:

What can I say, I'm just not a fan of decorated soffits.

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