Super Simple (and CHEAP) Vase & Bottle Makeovers

Super Simple (and CHEAP) Vase & Bottle Makeovers

Go to any yard sale or secondhand shop and one thing is apparently clear: there is no lack of goofy vases in the world. Kim turned her thrift store vases (purchased for 50 cents a piece) into something quite lovely using nothing but craft paint. (Here's the tute.)

created at: 02/28/2011

This next one is the same idea using jars & bottles that were rescued from the recycling bin.



Speaking of the recycling bin, these bottles were given new lives with nothing but labels. Now they're 'vanity-worthy.' They're the perfect way to store and display homemade bath products.


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Jenny @ DIY Newlyweds on Apr 12, 2011:

I really love these!  I'm featuring them on my blog as one of my favorite projects!


DIY Maven on Apr 01, 2011:

Sew Heidi....WOW you HAVE been busy!!!! They look great and I love your fabric flowers!

Sew Heidi on Mar 31, 2011:

So I've become totally obsessed with this project and even did a "clean out the fridge" frenzy to find some old glass bottles!  They are now on my entrance table, my kitchen window sill, and on the back of the toilet.  Just LOVE it, such a great and inexpensive craft.  I've taken a few photos (that mostly highlight the fabric flowers I learned how to make here: http://pm-betweenthelines.blogspot.com/2011/03/fabric-and-wire-flowers-tutorial.html) that show a couple that I filled with craft paint.  Thanks for the great projects and posts!
Fabric Flowers & Painted Bottles

elseajane on Feb 28, 2011:

Hey, Mave these are really nice I like the way they have a translucent quality. And I agree about the bottle caps, I would change out the tops. EJ

DesigningMom on Feb 28, 2011:

Oh yes, I am that way Maven and the storage areas of our home show it.created at: 08/04/2010

I don't mind the metal caps on the vinegar jars, but agree that cork would look nice. I think I've seen some neat ones lately at Walmart of all places. I needed some silcone utensils so went there for a better price.

I'm going to have to pay more attention to bottles that have metal caps. Not many do anymore. You could always add a wooden ball (the kind from craft stores that are flat on one side) or even a pretty glass or other cabinet knob to the top of the vinegar jar lids.

Jenny on Feb 28, 2011:

These are great!  I have lots of glass bottles and have been wondering whether there is a way to spice them up.  Thanks!

DIY Maven on Feb 28, 2011:

DM, you sound like me. I see something online and the hunt is on! 

You know, I was thinking, those caps aren't very attractive, but I could get cork stoppers at the craft store and switch them out. 

DesigningMom on Feb 28, 2011:

Love all these ideas Maven, but gosh the labeled vinegar jars really stand out as awesome. Hubby uses vinegar for his salad dressing so checked our recycle bin with no luck. I'll have wait for the next one to get emptied. I'm thinking my California based Sepay Groves Olive Oil bottles will work wonderfully for labeling too. They even have neat wood topped cork lids.

I just started storing my liquid dish soap in an oil/vinegar bottle with the little pour topper at our kitchen sink. It looks enough like oil that I really need to make a label for it. Thanks for the great idea!

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