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Six Heavenly Wine Bottle Centerpieces

by on Feb 25, 2011

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I have never met an empty wine bottle that I didn’t like. Much to the dismay of my boo, I might add. “Why are you keeping these?” he asks when he finds my stash. “I’ve got a plan,” is my usual answer, although up until now my “plan” included a bottle cutter (no, I haven’t bought a decent one yet). However, now with these ideas, I have a veritable arsenal of replies to his question, which he will invariably ask again. 

Pictured above: a couple dozen empty wine bottles AND candles? I’m so there.

Below: the same idea but use dark bottles and shoot a few of them with matt spray paint for a textural contrast.  

"Wine Bottle used as Candle Holder"

We’d have to cut the bottoms off the bottles for these hurricanes. (GOTTA get a better bottle cutter!) I’m thinking some of those candles are too big, however. 

My DIY Wine Bottle Centerpieces :  wedding wine bottle centerpiece diy green reception Wine Bottle Centerpiece

A trio of green bottles with ivy. Lovely!

And if not ivy, flowers. The sheet moss is a nice touch too.

Orange and yellow flowers are arranged in green wine bottles on a table covered in Moss

And finally, I’ve only seen ‘tacky’ versions of this idea, but this trio looks lovely. (Here’s a link to the how-to.)

"Innovative use of Wine Bottles for Decoration"


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