Ikea Malma Mirror Sconce

Inside View (see screw thru hole)

I made this sconce set about a year ago but I just discovered this great site! (Sorry but I couldn't find how to rotate the wall photo).  My design has 2 ceramic tealights screwed to the front of the Malma mirror & 2 screwed directly to the wall.  This design fits my small space & style, adjust yours as needed :).
I think it would be pretty even as singles or hanging it as a diamond vs a square. Have fun!


  • 6 Malma mirrors (standard black/brown) 
  • 4 (3"x3") ceramic tealight holders from Ikea (I don't remember the name & did not see them on the website today but any ceramic tealight holder  with an opening that you can fit a screw thru or a metal one that you can drill through should work fine). 
  • Flat head screws--should be long enough to fit snugly through your tealight holder & 3/4 of the way through the Malma wood.
  • Craft paint to match your tealight holder color
  • Artists brush for the craft paint
  • 6 Strap hangers
  • Hammer, nails, drill
  • Rubber bumpers 


  1. Determine placement on wall & place nails for mirrors
  2. Remove any stickers from the ceramic; paint over any visible print on the bottom that you cannot remove; let dry. 
  3. Pre-drill wood frames for hangers to install on back (careful to not drill thru the front of the frame). Attach strap hangers to Malma frames.
  4. Center tealight on frame & mark where the screw will attach. Pre-drill, then screw the tealight to the frame. I suggest doing this by hand so that you don't risk cracking the ceramic by over tightening. 
  5. Attach rubber bumpers to the bottom corners of Malma frames (to prevent shifting on wall)
  6. Screw the last 2 tealight holders directly to the wall. 
  7. Hang the Malma sconces on the nails on the wall, and once you're satisfied with the balance, paint over the screw heads on all tealight holders so that they are invisible.  Allow to dry fully before lighting tealights. 

***Christmas Idea: I place flat plastic silver glitter snowflake ornaments on top of the little mirrors. You'll find these smaller ones sold usually in sets of 5 or 10 for under $2 at Target or Walmart, etc. Look in the giftwrap package tie-ons & the ornament sections. They gently pop into the frame between the wood & the mirror.  You still see the mirror sparkling behind & around the ornament---elegant, EZ & removable!

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Anonymous on Jul 19, 2014:

Such an awesome idea! Thank you for sharing. Would you be able to post pics of how to install the straps for IKEA Malma mirror?

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