How to Accessorize the Pottery Barn Way

How to Accessorize the Pottery Barn Way

This weekend, a friend and I went to a seminar at our nearby Pottery Barn for an 'accessorizing' seminar and, like a good blogger, I took notes to share with my peeps. If you're not a fan of the PB style, that's cool. These suggestions will work for any interior.    

created at: 02/08/2011

  1. When accessorizing a room, repeat the same color (or hues) at least 3 times. So, for example, use the same color/hue in a pillow, a lampshade and an area rug.
  2. Monochromatic rooms need textured accessories to add interest, but they also require good light to highlight the textures. 
  3. Speaking of textures, from pillows to lampshades to books, burlap is very 'in' right now. 
  4. Also 'in' are lanterns.
  5. Script fabric on pillows and lampshades is very popular now as well. 
  6. For a relaxed feel, go asymmetrical when placing accessories. For a more formal vibe, like in a dining room, symmetry is key.
  7. To elevate your accessories, use stacked books. If you don't have 'pretty' books, look for cast-offs and cover them in craft paper or burlap, or rip the covers off all together.
  8. A copy of your favorite book, a book with a beautiful cover or a beautiful title can act as an accessory all by itself. Put it on an easel for extra impact.
  9. A beautiful plate can also benefit from an easel. 
  10. Three is key when accessorizing. Three things grouped together on a mantel or console table, for example, all of varying sizes, heights and textures give a 'layered' feel and adds visual interest to a room. 

created at: 02/08/2011

Although these are all the tips that wound up in my notes, there were a lot more. For more accessorizing ideas, PB has a couple of great articles on their website. Here's one on accessorizing with unique objects, and here's one on how to arrange accessories

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DesigningMom on Feb 15, 2011:

I never think of rules when I decorate, I just do what I like with out much thought. It's more a feel  for me. I'm not tipically a rule follower when it comes to home decor, but in reading these rules I can see that I do some of them.

Readers Digest Condensed books are great for accessorizing because they are quite nice looking without their jackets and you can often find them at thrift stores or garage sales on the cheap.

I use quite a lot of plates when decorating too. I even have a large platter on an easel in the sunroom.


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