Make a Brick Succulent Planter/Candle Holder


Bricks, plants & candles are a trifecta in my book. How about yours? These little planters, as RM states, would be lovely used inside or out. Making them doesn't require anything too fancy, just some patience and the following:

  • bricks
  • small to medium succulents
  • dirt
  • candle and holder
  • c-clamp
  • 1/2"-3/4" masonry chisel
  • steel mallet or hammer
  • squirt bottle filled with water
  • drill
  • 2-2 1/2" carbide hole cutter with mandrel bit
  • safety goggles

For the entire tute, head on over to ReadyMade.

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jim dunn on Apr 06, 2013:

I clicked on ready made and went to bhg.com w/o a link. HELP!!

jim dunn on Apr 06, 2013:

I clicked on Ready Made and went to bhg.comw/ no link. can't locate the tutorial. HELP!!

LindsayW48 on Jun 11, 2012:

Those would look great at a wedding! I am picturing an older style themed wedding for these.  They would make great personalized wedding gifts Pittsburgh or wedding favors too.  A neat idea and it doesn't seem to be too hard either! 

Anonymous on Jan 22, 2011:

So beautiful!

These would be awesome for wedding table decorations/wedding favors that the guests can take away after the party!

DIY Maven on Jan 21, 2011:

Katie, yes, some bricks do come that way, but those kind don't look like the ones in the tutorial. Not sure why they don't. (Could a brick expert out there tell us why? Content? Firing?) I do LOVE the idea of using already hole-d ones however. You could fill them up to the necessary depth with a little concrete. Or maybe even tile grout.

Katie on Jan 21, 2011:

Aren't there bricks that already come with holes in them?  Being tool-less, I would opt for one of those and just find a way to plug up the hole to make the planter.  Could easily do this with cinderblocks too.  Hmm.. this would make a pretty garden wall with hens and chicks planted in it too!

DIY Maven on Jan 21, 2011:

Using them for wedding decor is a great idea. Especially those in the Southwest. 

Komal, Dallas Wedding Photog on Jan 21, 2011:

oh dang, these are so awesome! I'm recommending these to any wedding clients that need DIY awesomeness for their reception tables. Also, these are going in my sunroom! :)

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