How to Create a Functional Office in the Kitchen

Kitchen Project - The Kitchen Office - Item #0806 - Season 20

Now that we have some kitchen office inspiration, it's time to consider how we would go about actually creating a functional office in the kitchen.

Designer Geno Benvenuti suggests creating a visual boundary such as half walls (like Norm's in the pic above) or columns between the kitchen office and the kitchen itself as they will promote productivity.  Here's a few of Geno's other tips to create a successful workspace:

  • Add enough power for all the tekkie stuff.
  • Use adequate task lighting.
  • Keep in mind your particular storage needs when choosing cabinetry.
  • Consider using built-ins for added storage needs.
  • Use pullout shelves versus doors, which take up more space.
  • Hide all equipment possible in closets.
  • Chose a durable flooring as traffic flow will increase due to the added functionality of the space.

For elaboration of each of these tips, head on over to HGTV Pro

Now, to see how to actually INSTALL cabinetry in the kitchen to create an office space area, you'll want to check out this how-to by Ron Hazelton. Here's little shots of the project he is working on in the post:


Old office


New office





If you have the hutzpah and knowledge, you might want to build your kitchen office from scratch, like Norm did (primary pic). You can order his original plan for $24.95 at The New Yankee.

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