Curbly Roundup: Kitchen Office Spaces

Curbly Roundup: Kitchen Office Spaces

It's Foodie Friday, but it's also office month here at Curbly, so today I've decided to combine the two topics and round up a little inspiration for those who dream to have the perfect little home office space in the kitchen.


contemporary kitchen by Amoroso Design

Open Pantry Space

Interested in making your own kitchen office? If so, check out this accompanying post.



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DesigningMom on Jan 14, 2011:

Wow some really great workspaces Maven. In the planning stages of our home I had hoped to have a workspace in our kitchen leaving and area of cabinets out to someday build a combo drafting table computer station, but that never happened. Since the area is right by the door to the garage it became a mini mudroom. In retrospect is wasn't a good plan for the way we live our lives in this home. I would imagine for those that love to cook, I don't really, it would be perfect with all the recipe sites online so handy.

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