Make a Simple, DIY Calendar You'll Actually Want to Use

Make a Simple, DIY Calendar You'll Actually Want to Use

I gave up on paper calendars a long time ago. Not because I'm super tech-y and see them as outdated, but more because I can't seem to find one that actually works for me. They're either covered in photos of puppies or art prints, or so soulless and blank that they make me feel like the only thing I can schedule on them is reminders to put cover sheets on my TPS reports.

So, I'm loving this simple DIY option that's perfectly customizable to the way you work."If you're having trouble finding a calendar to suit your style or decor, try making this simple version out of office supply materials. Colorful paper is used to create monthly tabs that help you flip quickly from month to month. The clip is useful for holding invites or business cards, and you can also tie a pencil to it so that you are never searching for something to write."

New Year's Craft: Simple DIY Calendar [Holidash]

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DesigningMom on Jan 11, 2011:

Well now I know what to do with the printable calendar pages I've had saved since I didn't quite know how I would hold them together. I mean there's the option of taking them to Kinko's and having them add a spiral, but that would defeat the purpose of them being DIYable. Thanks Chris!

elseajane on Jan 10, 2011:

Thanks Chris, this looks like a great option. You can make the squares as large as needed so all my scribbles will fit and with a pencil I can erase the things I cancel. Like today, no going out with over 24hrs of snow and more to come. Our town hasn't even got out the plows yet...sigh!

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