Top 2010 DIY Trends

Cactus shoes

Planter pumps, DIY Marbled Nails, Personal Spy Copters and iPad T-Shirt.... these are the top DIY trends from 2010. Are they here to stay? Let's recap on what this year brought us...  

Here are a few trends I selected from Trend Hunter's top 100 list of DIY trends:


Decorative Book Antiques

restoration hardware antique coverless book bundles

These Restoration Hardware Antique Coverless Book Bundles will add some literary accents to your library or living room.



Tree Branch Chandeliers

tree branch chandeliers

There is no better way to bring a little of the outdoors in than with tree branch chandeliers.



DIY Eco Hipster Scarves

DIY Eco Hipster Scarves

With a few old t-shirts, scissors and their simple instructions, Methodhome teaches you to be eco-friendly and friendly to your wallet at the same time.



Embroidered Stationery

embroidered stationery

This embroidered stationery by DearDesire is a quirky yet beautiful take on the traditional printed monograms and messages you’ll see on writing paper.



Minimalist DIY Lamps

Rubber Band Lamp

The Rubber Band Lamp shows just how versatile elastics can be. Not only do they hold and group things together, they can look good while doing it as well. 



Lazy Man Tablet Mounts


Although I’m sure many will object to sanding any part of their precious Apple tablet, the DIY iPad mount offers a relaxing and comfortable way to do so. 


The rankings are based on millions of views and 193 new DIY trends. Based on top 100 list from Trend Hunter. Do you remember any of these? Which ones should I have mentioned that I forgot? Let us know!

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