How to Turn a Gourd into a Lamp

How to Turn a Gourd into a Lamp

Besides being easy to grow, gourds have lovely, sexy shapes just aching to be turned into lamps.     

created at: 12/27/2010

Martha tells us that doing so is a snap with standard lamp kits. Besides that, here's what we'll need to make one:

  • a gourd with a flat bottom
  • a keyhole saw
  • gravel or sand
  • glue gun and hot glue
  • a standard wooden lamp base, which she says is available at hardware stores OR a piece of wood to fit underneath the gourd to act as a base
  • felt pads

For the entire--and short--how to, follow this jump. And to learn how to clean a hard shell gourd like the one pictured above, read this Instructable.

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DesigningMom on Dec 27, 2010:

Oh I'm really lovin' this lamp.

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