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How-To: Make Borax Crystal Snowflake Ornaments

by on Dec 9, 2010

Bust out your lab coat and goggles, because we’re about to get down with some science.  Making your own borax crystal ornaments is not only super cool, it’s a fun project to do with kids (and keep the education going during that extra long holiday break)!  

First, I have to thank my friend Megan for sharing this with me.  She knows I’m a kid at heart and, well, easily amused.  If you’re the same way, or actually have kids to amuse, let’s see what we’ll need to get this little holiday experiment going.

created at: 12/09/2010


  • 12 inch pipe cleaner
  • craft stick
  • 26-28 gauge wire
  • wire cutters
  • 3 cups very hot water
  • 9 tablespoons borax
  • empty quart container
  • food coloring (optional)

Once you’ve gathered up your supplies, head on over to the Martha Stewart blog to see how these crystals take shape.  Also, it’s worth mentioning that different types of pipe cleaner can be used for different effects (think metallic tinsel, etc.).  Adding food coloring or leaving the snowflake in the solution for more or less time will also create unique results.  Play around and experiment to see what you like best!

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