How-To: Make Your Own Modern Gift Tags

How-To: Make Your Own Modern Gift Tags

You found the ultimate gift, it's deserving of some special treatment, right?  Handmade, modern, and easy, these gifts tags will be just the right touch to top things off and show how much you care.  A well-wrapped gift is a thoughtful gift, so let's see what we'll need to take our presentation to the next level!  

created at: 12/07/2010

These gift tags come from master paper crafter/artist Patricia Zapata of A Little Hut, who explains:

"Working on tags is fun because they are small and quick to make. They allow a lot of room for creative approaches and there really are no limits. That being said, I decided to constrain my approach by reducing the materials to a bare minimum. This will force me to create really simple ideas that: anyone can approach; will use materials that everyone has (don't buy anything! use the scraps in your stash); are easy for kids to tackle if they'd like to join you; can stay as is or can be launching pads for other ideas that you may have; and are not necessarily just for the holidays.  It's much easier to pile on embellishments and be done with it. It's more work to create something out of less. That's the type challenge I really enjoy. I hope you like what you see and join me in trying some of these yourself."

I don't know about you, but I definitely like what I see!  Check out the videos below to learn how to create multiple styles of mod gift tags that can be used all year.

Thanks Patricia!

Gift tag set one:

Gift tag set two:

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CapreeK on Jan 08, 2011:

Linda - These would be great for any occassion!  Mix up the colors and you're golden! :)

Alina - Oo, fun gifts!  I can smell the toasted nuts now... These tags would definitely make those treats extra special.  Do it, do it!  ;)

Alina on Jan 07, 2011:

So pretty! I like to make edible gifts such as toasted nuts in a little jar or such, but I've never paid enough attention to tags I put on my gift jars/boxes.

Linda on Jan 07, 2011:

Oh, my presents looked good - but they would have looked even better under the tree with these gift tags! Luckily Christmas will come again...  Thanks for the inspiration!

CapreeK on Dec 08, 2010:

Steffi - Sounds fun!  Do you have any how-to suggestions for making your own stamps?

Steffi on Dec 08, 2010:

Great inspiration! Last weekend I made my own gift tags. It is really a lot of fun. I used self made stamps to make them special!

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