Curbly Gift Guide: The Ultimate Stocking Stuffer Round-Up

Curbly's Stocking Stuffers Gift Guide
If Christmas gifts consisted only of stockings and the goodies therein, I'd be one very happy gal. While I absolutely adore the tradition of gift-giving, I find gathering the little things most exciting.

Below is my list of favorite "stocking stuffer" gifts (and yes, Julie Andrews' "My Favorite Things" ran through my head as I put it together). For a gift to make it on this list, it had to be wonderful, and it had to cost under $20.


It's long. I know. Keep scrolling (leave me a comment if you get to the end!). They're arranged into the following categories:


Stocking stuffers for ladies.

1. Twiggy Ring Holder (out of stock): In the words of Beyonce, "If you liked it then you should have put a ring on it." And I would put any ring on this twig-inspired ring holder in a heartbeat. It's out of stock, but try this one instead.

2. Big Bakelite Cocktail Ring: This cocktail ring would keep that ring holder company very nicely.

3. Monogrammed Candle (out of stock): Light up your initials (or each letter of your name) with these beautiful, lightly-scented votives.

4. Silk Blossom Pin (out of stock): You can never go wrong with a flower on your lapel (or your sweater). Every girl ought to have a flower in her accessory arsenal. This beauty just sold out, hopefully they'll bring it back. In the meantime, this one is just as lovely.

5. Cashmere Hand Warmers: Cashmere + Heat = Bite me, winter. Your bulky, Thinsulate gloves are totally unnecessary when you've got one of these cashmere hand warmers in your pocket.

6. Mini Shea Butter Hand Cream: This hand cream is a must if you live in the desert or a place where the temperatures drop below freezing. The folks at L'Occitane know what they're doing. Your hands will love you forever if you treat them to this rich, lightly scented stuff. Oh, and this soap is kind of the best too.

7. Mini Emergency Kit for Her (out of stock): This brilliant kit contains 15 must-have tools that will cure everything from a run in your nylons to an unexpected bout with garlic breath.



Stocking stuffer ideas for men


1. LED Lego Keychain Light: He'll never be too old to play with LEGOs, and a little light is super helpful when the porch light burned out and you're frantically searching for the lock and it's one hundred degrees below zero.  

2. Sport Watch: Grown men should know what time it is. End of story.

3. A Custom Book: Putting together a book for the man in your life might just make his day. Incredibly, you can "publish" a four-color book with text and photos for about $13. 

4. Disposable Flask: These air-tight, disposable, pocket-sized flasks allow him to carry his holiday spirits on his hip.

5. Mini Emergency Kit for Him: Everyone has a mini-crisis form time to time, and this mini kit can be tossed into his briefcase or coat pocket to fix hangnails, headaches, and more.

6. Wired Magazine Subscription: Guys and gadgets go together like the "Two Steves" (Jobs and Wozniak). A one-year subscription to Wired will keep him up-to-date and plugged in.

7. Cade Shaving Soap: This essential-oil shave-soap from L'Occitane will keep his skin soft, glowing, and delicious-smelling. 



Stocking stuffer ideas for kids

1. Insulated Animal Mugs: These porcelain insulated mugs have adorable animal-shaped lids, adding whimsy to a cup of hot chocolate. Yikes! These just sold out; hopefully West Elm will bring them back soon.

2. Colored Bubbles: They're bubbles. They have color. They don't stain. You are probably buying them right ... now.

3. Smencils: A 10-pack of gourmet scented pencils is sure to inspire a new recipe or two.

4. Straw: As a matter of fact, why is this straw in the "Kid" section? Shouldn't we all have our beverages swirl around our eyes and nose?

5. Head Lamp: From spelunkers to sleepovers, these head lamps are ready for every child's imagination.

6. Kids City Walks: These maps are made for any kid who's ready to explore a new place. The colorful maps are super cool and easy to follow.

7. Kid Made Modern by Todd Oldham: Was your wee one's first word Eames or Girard? If so, then fuel their love of everything Mid-century Modern with this amazing book full of DIY projects for kids. Adults: check out Curbly's Make-It Mid-Century Modern (ON SALE THIS MONTH ONLY!!)

8. 3-D Drawing Pad: You little doodler's drawings will come to life with this drawing pad and 3-D shades.

9. Owl Apron: This screen-printed cotton smock will keep your budding artist covered. 


Stocking stuffer ideas for the home (#1)


1. 2011 Printable Mid-Century Chairs Calendar: 12 months, 12 Mid-Century Modern chairs printed on the paper of your choice. 

2. Atomic Ranch Subscription: The prefect coffee table magazine for your Mid-Century Modern ranch.

3. Swan Chair iPod Case: Keep your iPod cozy in this wool case adorened with an inviting Swan-inspired chair.

4. Mid-Century Modern Pushpin Bottle Caps: This set pushpins (or magnets) features four Mid-Century Modern chairs on repurposed bottle caps. 


More House!

More stocking stuffers for the home

1. Drink Sleeve: Slip one of these handled cozies on your to-go mug and enjoy your morning brew.

2. Spoon Coffee Mugs: This mug allows you to stir your drink as often as you like, because you'll always have a spoon on hand.

3. Masking Tape with Dispenser: Colorful Tape + One Very Cool Dispenser.

4. Heart-Shaped Egg Mould: They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Start yours out right with an "I Love You" too.

5. Japanese Packaging Tape: Add a little something special to every package you ship.


Woah! You made it! Come on', leave us a comment so we know you care!

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DesigningMom on Dec 07, 2010:

Add the Lady Head Vase from pictures #2 to the list and I'll be a happy lady.

elseajane on Dec 07, 2010:

Fun! Fun! Fun! I hope my stocking has just a few of everything...hint...

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