Gift Wrapped Switch Plates

Gift Wrapped Switch Plates

created at: 12/06/2010

A couple dec'd (as in decoupaged!) wrapped switch plates would be great little somethings for dads and grandfathers this Christmas. Installed at the front and back doors and in guest rooms, they're a lovely greeting for holiday company. And best of all...they're super fast and easy to make!

Here's the ingredients you'll need to whip 'em up:

  • light switch covers, old icky ones work great for this
  • mod podge, matte finish
  • scissors
  • craft knife
  • sponge brush
  • cutting mat
  • small paint brush
  • Christmas paper, wrapping or scrap-booking
  • 3/8" grosgrain ribbon
  • hot glue and gun

Step 1:

created at: 12/06/2010

Decoupage the light switches with the paper following this EXCELLENT tutorial on the Tube.

Step 2:

Cut 2 lengths of the grosgrain ribbon, each an inch or so longer than the dimensions of the switch plate.

Step 3:

created at: 12/06/2010

Position the ribbon over the plate using the primary pic as reference, and hot glue them into place at the BACK of the switch plate.

created at: 12/06/2010

Step 4:

Cut a length of ribbon, tie it into a bow, hot glue into place and install. And that's it!!

created at: 12/06/2010


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Peggy on Nov 06, 2012:

I'm going to use this as decoration in each room based on the decor !

DIY Maven on Dec 15, 2010:

tvbleak--gotta love the depot!

tvbleak on Dec 15, 2010:

What a unique and clever idea.  Thank you.  I am off to the depot to purchase some switch plates

DIY Maven on Dec 13, 2010:

Sharon, I'm glad you like it. I put one in one of my bathrooms too!

Sharon on Dec 13, 2010:

This is so cute and very easy. I'm going to do this in my bathroom that doesn't get decorated for Christmas.

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