DIY Granite-Look Countertops for a FRACTION of the Price


I don't know about you, but I'm very skeptical of those 'looks just like the real thing' kinds of finishing techniques. Especially stainless and granite wannabes. That's why Tanya's remarks about her recent countertop makeover were of particular interest. The countertop before looks like it was a standard Formica product. Tanya wanted granite, but it was way out of budget, so she decided to use RustOleum's Stone Effects. Here's what she had to say about the project:

You apply it directly to your existing counter top. We followed the steps and at the end we bought the countertop epoxy and what a finish! It looks a lot like granite and it was only $100 (including the epoxy). (Note: Beware, anyone who wants to try this, with all the steps and the drying time for each step it takes about a week to complete and it isVERY MESSY. However, it was pretty inexpensive and looks fantastic. 

And here's what the countertop looks like now:


The 'steps' that Tanya speaks of include a primer coat, stone coat and a sealer coat. For more info regarding the process, check out this PDF instruction sheet from RustOleum.

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elseajane on Dec 06, 2010:

This is a beautiful look. I wonder how durable it will be?

DesigningMom on Dec 03, 2010:

Yes it would. In fact I was thinking I may want to try it on even a smaller table first.

DIY Maven on Dec 03, 2010:

A table top would be great. It would also be a good 'practice' run for a larger project like a countertop. 

DesigningMom on Dec 03, 2010:

Pretty impressive by what I can see. Sure would have liked to see a larger picture of the counters after they were completed though. The close up shows a nice reflection, but there's more brick than counter showing.

This could  be a great way to finish the top on an old table I have. Our daughter in law was thinking tile, but I'm thinking this could work out better because there's no grout to worry about staining or cleaning.

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