How-To: Make Your Own Bedroom Dress Boys

How-To: Make Your Own Bedroom Dress Boys

Okay, show of hands.  Who actually knows what "dress boys" are?  Admittedly, I had never heard of them but apparently they're a 'thing'... and people use them.  Basically, you take an old chair, saw it in half, and attach it to the wall.  Presto!  A new place to drape your clothes.  


created at: 12/02/2010

If you're prone to leaving your dirty clothes on the floor - or - if you're the type to get all your clothes ready for the next day, this is a great solution.  The example here uses Ikea Bertil chairs and attaches with a French cleat, but I imagine any wooden chair would do.  In fact, this modern version was inspired by Dutch designers Jan Hoeffnagel and Peggy Lapré's dress boys, which are quite stunning and use antique chairs (pictured below).

created at: 12/02/2010

To make your own dress boys, you'll need:

  • 2 Bertil Chairs (or any wooden chair you don't mind sawing in half)
  • cleat
  • glue
  • screws
  • drill
  • circular saw
  • paint

Pants at the ready?  Great.  Head on over to Ikea Hacker to see how this unique storage solution comes to life!

Just for fun, which version do you prefer: the more modern Ikea chairs or the antique chairs?

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GvGinkel on Sep 08, 2013:

Hi there,

nice to see this ikeahack is still inspiring others. Here's a video of them: http://youtu.be/h1XfbT1Bqz0. If you'd want to use both parts of the chair, here's another idea from the original inspirators of my Ikea-hacked version: http://www.laphoeff.nl/html/Laphoeff%20015.html

daxter on Jan 28, 2013:

So cute and amazing! You gave me a wonderful idea. Now no need to waste my old chairs :P..love it!

Francesca on Feb 28, 2012:

I think that this is simply a fantastic idea especially for very small rooms...

Las Flores del Sur on Feb 13, 2012:

Amazing! I always need chairs in my bedroom, and this is great for reduced spaces... THANK YOU!!

Anonymous on Feb 09, 2012:

I, Love this.

DesigningMom on Dec 03, 2010:

Thanks CapreeK. I just hate to waist anything so it was the most logical, and fun, thing to do with the rest of chair.

CapreeK on Dec 03, 2010:

DesigningMom - Oo, I like where you're going with this!  The other half could serve as a little shelf of some sort.  Very clever!

DesigningMom on Dec 03, 2010:

Another thought... If I did this I think it would be fun to have the rest of the chair sticking out the other side of the wall in another room.

DesigningMom on Dec 03, 2010:

Very interesting. I'm not sure if I like how they look or better phrased, how they'd fit into my decor. They are strange looking. They certainly would be very useful though.

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