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How-To: Make Your Own Bedroom Dress Boys

by on Dec 2, 2010

Okay, show of hands.  Who actually knows what “dress boys” are?  Admittedly, I had never heard of them but apparently they’re a ‘thing’… and people use them.  Basically, you take an old chair, saw it in half, and attach it to the wall.  Presto!  A new place to drape your clothes.  

created at: 12/02/2010

If you’re prone to leaving your dirty clothes on the floor – or – if you’re the type to get all your clothes ready for the next day, this is a great solution.  The example here uses Ikea Bertil chairs and attaches with a French cleat, but I imagine any wooden chair would do.  In fact, this modern version was inspired by Dutch designers Jan Hoeffnagel and Peggy Lapré’s dress boys, which are quite stunning and use antique chairs (pictured below).

created at: 12/02/2010

To make your own dress boys, you’ll need:

  • 2 Bertil Chairs (or any wooden chair you don’t mind sawing in half)
  • cleat
  • glue
  • screws
  • drill
  • circular saw
  • paint

Pants at the ready?  Great.  Head on over to Ikea Hacker to see how this unique storage solution comes to life!

Just for fun, which version do you prefer: the more modern Ikea chairs or the antique chairs?

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