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The Ultimate DIY Christmas Wreath Roundup

by on Dec 2, 2010

Christmas decor reassessment is underway at our place. I’ve grown so tired of the same tree, decorations, mantle lights and wreaths we’ve used year after year. Instead of buying new versions of our old stuff, I’ve decided to design and make our new holiday decor. Mr. Mod loves the traditional. Sorry, but he’ll have to adjust to the new look of Christmas around here. First project: wreaths. As an appetizer, I’ve rounded up some not so ordinary DIY-able wreaths to get the creative juices flowing. You won’t find these in the wreath aisle over at Hobby Lobby. A wreath made of ornaments sitting on a chair

1. The ornament and yarn ball wreath pictured above stretches the definition of traditional by using un-Christmas-y colors. Refreshing and textured, this DIY project can be found over at LifeThroughTheLens.

A circular wreath made up of varying sizes of glass globes.

2. Next up is the Mod Bubble Wreath tutorial posted right here on Curbly. It’s so unusual, it had to make an encore appearance. Even though pricey, it has lots of individuality going for it. Since it was really created for a catalogue shoot for CB2, you know you’ll be one out of, maybe 100, who has this. Mod, sleek, very unique.

"Christmas Wreath Roundup for Christmas"

3. Wouldn’t my suburban neighbors flip if they saw a wreath made out of old cd’s on our front door when they came to deliver their tins of baked goodies? Paul Hogan on Instructables created this recycled CD wreath with old cd’s, a wood ring, hot glue and a festive ribbon. It looks like there are lignts, but theydon’t appear in the tutorial.  Im liking the techie twist on an old favorite.  

Flowers are decorating a tire.

4. If you thought you’d shock the neighbors with a cd wreath, think again. How about putting together an Anthropologie-inspired wreath using an old bike wheel and some spray painted flowers cut from plastic bottles? Of course you could “Christmas it up” with your own take on reds and greens. This wreath just drips with possibilities. See Victoria’s full tutorial over on

An yellow, black, blue and white Christmas wreath made of recycled material

5. For the super industrial, non traditionlist, how about making a wreath out of old signs in alternative color schemes? I know it doesn’t even hint at Christmas, but artist Boris Bally did create a couple of red and green themed street sign wreaths for the industrial traditionalist, (or is that the traditional industrialist?).  I see the rivet but what kind of tool and blade would you use to cut through street signs?

A square reef made up of orange roses.

6. Last year we saw a lot of square wreaths, which I still like. It feels a tiny bit irreverent to go square, but maybe that’s the draw. This 19″ wreath sells for $39.95 on Amazon. It may be a little tedius to DIY, but the wood curls and the orange dye are idea starters get you started on your own version.

A round tire shape object with words written over it.

7. Another hard surfaced, non traditional wreath is this simple ceramic ring covered in handwritten sayings called the Well…Come Ring. VERY minimal. A clay wreath with an sgrafitto surface comes with inscribed sayings. Since this one sells for $175.00 at, I’d be tempted to locate my own ceramic ring, hang a Sharpie and let my guests expound their own holiday tidings. You have to love the minimal look for this to fly.

DIY Christmas craft ideas- Wreath roundup.

8. One of my all time favorites is this scrap wood wreath that was on Design Sponge last year. Since I’m on a wood kick and was able to get all kinds of grown up wood tools at an estate sale, I’ll probably spin off this idea, but paint the scraps different colors. In fact, I may add some lights if it doesn’t make it too slick. I just adore the odd shape and overlapping pieces. The project came from RockScissorPaper.

Photos are arranged in a circle on a wall over some greenery in a vase and two wrapped boxes.

9. This could be a new permanant inside decoration. The photo wreath from leaves you wide open for several takes on the original, depending upon what you like. Right off the bat I thought about how clever it would be to collect old Christmas family photos, get multiple sets made and make everyone in the family their own “family photo wreath”. I’d attach them to a wooden circle so they could hang (get it?) around for years. 

Beautiful white rose Christmas Wreath decoration.

10. Well, well, what have we here? A dramatic white felt rosette wreath against a dark wall, Ahhhhhhhhh… Over on Etsy, SweetSweetCircles is selling her 15″ x 15″ monochromatic wreaths for $35.00. I would possibly use a different material, but I absolutely love the white against the dark background. Lots of possibilities.

A black and white ring with red and yellow cloth flowers on it sitting next to a pink box.

11. Speaking of black and white, what about using a black and white striped shirt, sweater, or other knit vintage garment to whip up an eye popping fabric covered DIY wreath. Once you get into using vintage duds, the floodgates open.  See how easy it is to use garments to decorate wreaths. Full tutorial over on Smile and Wave

A large automobile tire with a red bow placed at the top to make it look like a Christmas wreath.

12.  Old tires are plentiful, and a reuse of a giant tire isn’t such a bad idea. If it wasn’t found on A Rowdy Redneck Christmas and labeled “The biggest reef I ever saw”, I may think it was an environmental statement.  Notice the nice big spot light on the ground.

Looking for more seasonal DIY projects and ideas?A facebook cover photo.

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