Wing Chair Transformation

Wing Chair Transformation

Who doesn't have an ugly or worn out wingback chair somewhere in their house? Lofty intentions of buying fabric and reupholstering it yourself? Hold on there baba looey, a  wingback chair is NOT a beginner's upholstery project. You'll likely tire of it before it's finished. On the other hand, once you have a nice little arsenal of upholstery techniques mastered, restyling a wingback chair is VERY satisfying, not to mention you'll be able to show off your new upholstering skills to your friends.   

Those wings can have you pounding your head against the wall. Here's a very thorough step by step wingback reupholstery tutorial you can use to ease the frustration.  And c'mon, look at the AFTER. Who wouldn't love this?

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ModHomeEcTeacher on Nov 22, 2010:

Come and take two of my upholstery classes and you can learn how to do your own upholstery!!:)

Rachel on Nov 22, 2010:

Wow! Now that's a great transformation! Can I order two of those!?! :)

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