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Make an Anthropologie Inspired Deerhead Pillow

by on Nov 17, 2010

What’s not to love about this deerhead pillow? There are so many things I adore about this project, where do I begin?  Here are the top four. 1) The Anthropologie inspiration pillow costs $88.00, a bit steep for a holiday throw pillow, so you’re saving about $78.00 by making it yourself. 

Anthropologie’s Blooming Deer inspiration pillow.

"A Craftwork of Deerhead on Pillow Cover"

2) Sew Home Grown has generously provided the free downloadable deerhead pattern (drawn by a cooperative hubby) here  3) It’s an applique design which is loads of stitching FUN and, 4) it’s a terrific gift idea for your good pals.

Deer face paper cutting placed on floral fabric.

According to Sew Home Grown, here’s what you need to get started on your holiday pillows:

Deer silhouette pattern
one 15″ square piece of fabric for pillow front
a contrasting 15″ square piece of fabric for pillow back
a 15″ square of multi-colored decorator weight fabric ( I suggest home decor fabric because it usually has more texture to it and mimics the needlepoint design in the Anthropologie pillow).
1/2 yard of Wonder Under (when they cut it for you, be sure to ask for the directions)
1 spool of sulky white thread (I used the sulky type because I think it makes it look a little more professional)
1 bag of polyfil or a 15″ pillow form
fabric marker
sewing machine
craft scissors

See the rest of the tutorial right here. And for a no-kill deerhead on the wall project, check out ManMade’s Video How-To: Make a Faux Deer Head Silhouette.

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