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Ultimate Thanksgiving: A Plethora of Perfect Place Cards

by on Nov 19, 2010

Place cards add a personal touch to dinner gatherings. They are practical and inviting, giving a sense of place to all of your guests. They help you bring together new groups of people (or separate individuals!) and add a lovely touch to any table setting. Below is a round-up of our favorite DIY and printable place cards.


1. Embroidered Place Card 
Wedding Chicks Embroidery Place Card
This lovely little embroidered place card comes via The Wedding Chicks. Using your computer, glue, an awl, embroidery floss and a few other material, you can assemble these beauties. Here are the supplies you’ll need:

For directions on how to assemble these place cards, follow this link to The Wedding Chicks’ tutorial.

2. Origami Turkey Place Card

Follow this video from Drepsys or these printable directions from the Origami Resource Center to put together a set of origami turkey place cards. Fold your turkeys and then add the names of your guests to the turkeys’ feathers. 

Supplies: Several sheets of origami paper (or a square sheet of paper) 

3. Martha’s Origami Paper Boat Place Card

"A Boat made with Cardboard as Showcase Piece"

Pilgrims used boats to make their way to North America, and you can add them to your Thanksgiving table to honor their voyage. For the how-to follow this link. Check the list below to gather your supplies.


Read more at Good Things: Paper-Boat Place Card – Martha Stewart Weddings

4. Martha’s Ribbon Belt Place Card

Martha Stewart Ribbon Place Card

This pattern is featured in green and white, but you could easily create it with a different color palette by making your own template. To follow Martha’s lead, follow click through to the how-to.


Read more at Ribbon Belt Place Card 

5. Fabric & Paper Place Cards

There are some perfect place cards in different colours.

These layered place cards from Merriment Designs combine paper and fabric. The layers are sewn together, creating a lovely combination of textures and patterns. Check the supply list below and then follow this link for the how-to.  


6. Round Fall-Themed Place Cards from LollyChops 

created at: 11/18/2010

Lolly from came up with this festive, printable set of round place cards adorned with birds, leaves, pumpkins, and acorns. 


  • This template from
  • Card stock
  • Scissors or a large, circular hole punch
7. Martha’s Decorative Place Card Template
Several rows of neatly arranged place cards inscribed with different names and in various colors.
Print these sweet and subtle place cards on card stock, add the names of your guests, and voila! The templates are available in black, grey, and color. Tip: They look fantastic printed on colored card stock!
  • Card Stock
  • This template from Martha Stewart

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