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Round-Up: 8 Oh-So-Sweet Turkey Recipes

by on Nov 12, 2010

Homemade sweets that look like turkeys but taste like heaven…now that’s some fowl I’d like to devour! Any of these exceedingly clever recipes would be a fun addition to the Thanksgiving table.

We start with Gimme Some, who tells us how to make Rice Crispy turkeys  using such things as candy corn, cashews and Whoppers! (Via.)   

Who wouldn’t like to munch on an OREO Turkey Cookie?

Oreo cookies decorated with chocolates and candycorn to make a turkey figurine.

Not quite as ambitious, but just as yummy!

A cookie has decorations on top with candy corn and sprinkles.

Here’s a Fudge Stripe and caramel version. (My MIL provides these at almost every Thanksgiving. Not only are they yummy, they’re seriously cute.)

A cookie and a candy.

From cookies, we now travel to cupcakeland with this idea from Betty Crocker (Picture via Bonnie’s Bakery)

Two chocolate cupcakes decorated like turkey birds.

Simple but yummy are these Oreo and Nutter Butter topped creations.

Oreo and Nutter Butter topped creation with cupcake at the bottom.

Mmmm…spice cake turkeys!

"Sweets in different shapes"

POPS! Bakerella shares her expertise make them with these Turkey Cake Pops.Turkey Pops


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