Built In Stair Step Storage Solution

Built In Stair Step Storage Solution

Am I a little OCD, or does everyone walk into a small, cluttered room and try to figure out how to utilize the above-eye-level wall space?  It's prime real estate, folks! But the biggest problem: accessibility.

Not any more. Danny Kuo was firing on all creative cylinders when he designed the StairCase.

Part steps, part drawers, part cabinets, it meets all the criteria for high style floor to ceiling storage. The lower drawers are encased in sliding boxes that allow you to step up to reach the higher shelves and cabinets. (Check out the craftmanship.) Tell me why nobody has thought of this sooner. And get this, since each unit is self contained, you can change out drawers for door front cabinets and vice versa. Take a looksee.

And to prove that a design doesn't just immediately happen, here's the prototype for StairCase.


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