Yes or No: Cork Countertops

Get Creative with ECO Supply's Suberra Cork Countertops

Cork! Recyclable! Renewable! Excellent anti-microbial properties! Wait...what? According to the manufacturer, yes. What say you? Would you give cork kitchen countertops a go???    

Get Creative with ECO Supply's Suberra Cork Countertops

Read more about these cork countertops from ECO Supply at 3rings.

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Kelly on Oct 27, 2015:

When we get rid of the former owners of our house awful kitchen countertop choice cork will be my choice! Just gotta explain this to my often cheap husband

Dr. Mike on Sep 03, 2013:

No, cork is not in short supply, it is a renewable green product from the bark of trees which grows back after it is harvested. Wineries are starting to eschew cork stoppers because it is inconsistent in keeping air from getting into wine bottles causing wine to oxidize. Screw caps and synthetic cork provide a better seal, insuring a more consistent product.

joy2b on Feb 27, 2011:

Sure, assuming it's kept well sealed, and no one yields to the temptation to use it as a chopping board.  I'd love to have it underfoot in a kitchen actually, it has that slight yield that makes standing around less tiring.

Debbie on Feb 06, 2011:

I can't wait to put a cork countertop in my kitchen.  We have an old kitchen cupboard we picked up in Germany.  It has a cork top.  I love it.  Every  year or so lightly sand it & seal it with poly or wax it. 

DesigningMom on Nov 05, 2010:

Just looked at the gallery on the link and I'd take the PaperStone over the cork on looks. It's gorgeous. I'm loving their PlyBo and Kirei plywoods too. Droolworthy for sure. 

Anonymous on Nov 05, 2010:

I was under the impression that cork was in short supply as evidenced by many wineries switching either to screwtops or synthetic corks.  Maybe that was just an excuse or maybe it's the grade of cork or some other explanation.  Anyway, personally I'd have to see how it performed but it looks kind of blech in the pictures (IMO).

DesigningMom on Nov 05, 2010:

I'd have to say no on the kitchen counters in cork. I love my Silstone too much. It fits my kitchen better than this would. But I love the idea and can see doing this on the wood work bench we'll, hopefully, be building this winter. I think it would work great for a craft table also. Just not seeing it in the kitchen.

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