A new way to roast a potato

A new way to roast a potato

Part baked potato, part french fry, part potato chip, this spud is a tuber-lover's dream. Our source tells us all we have to do is scrub a whole potato and then, using a very sharp knife, cut slices 'without going all the way through'. Brush them with a bit of olive oil and sprinkle with pepper and kosher salt with a dusting of paprika. You can add fresh herbs too or tuck thin slices of onion between the potato slices. Bake them at 450 degrees for about 40 minutes, but you might want to start checking them at 25 minutes as ovens and potatoes differ. Serve them with a drizzling of melted butter and enjoy. 

Via Savoring Time in the Kitchen.

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Brandy C. on Oct 22, 2010:

i'm a big fan of adding rosemary to my roasted potatoes. i cannot wait to try this tonight.

Laura on Oct 16, 2010:

Ooh!  This is a great idea!  Try it with some garlic salt and black pepper, a dusting of Hidden Valley Ranch Dressing mix powder, and some parmesan!  MMMmmm!

Micke on Oct 15, 2010:

That’s "potato" not "optato"...



Micke on Oct 15, 2010:

That looks like Hasselbacks optato, a way to roast potatoes that has been around in Sweden since the 40’s.

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