How To Fill Wood During Furniture Refurbishing

How To Fill Wood During Furniture Refurbishing

When it comes to valuable furniture rehab skills, knowing some basic wood repair is a must. I can't tell you how many times I've decided to change out the hardware on a nightstand or dresser, only to realize I have an extra knob hole to fill.Barb runs Knack Studios in South Carolina. She is the grand master of transforming old wooden pieces into revived and colorful pieces of new beauty. She writes a column for Design Sponge called Before and After Basics where she pretty much teaches us everything (except her top secret tips) we need to know about refurbishing wood furniture. 

Filling wood holes is a handy, but her tutorial on filling in chipped off veneer is a real gem of a lesson.

Barb's list of materials:

  • wood filler — I prefer Elmer’s
  • wood glue
  • putty spatula
  • orbital sander/sanding sponges
  • rags

  • Oh, how I love my orbital sander. You absolutely need one.


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    Furniture Fix on Nov 01, 2012:

    Basic wood work repair is one of the most important things to know to restore furniture.  Thanks for sharing.

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