2 Easy DIY Kitchen Cabinet Organizers

Open your kitchen cabinets. Is there any wasted space in 'em? If the answer is 'yes' you are not alone, my friend. Personally, I'm wasting about 6" above my plates and bowls. Nothing but air! Now, with the help of DIY Life, we can reclaim that space.  

kitchen cabinet, shelves

The first project is Tiered Shelves. Think of them like making stadium seating for your canned goods and stuff. They're made out of 1 x 4 pieces of pine. I like this idea a lot. Yes, there's still some wasted space below the back cans, but think about how easy assessing your supplies would be. 

kitchen cabinet, shelf

The second project is the Helper Shelf. Basically, this is a shelf on top of your shelf. (Perfect for reclaiming that wasted 6" above my dinnerware.) This one is made out of 1/2" x 11" deep x 13" wide plywood (for the top) and 3/4" x 5 1/2" x 11" pine. Not only would this be handing in a kitchen cabinet, but it would also be great in a linen closet too. 

To see how to construct both of these shelving helpers, head on over to DIY Life.

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