How to make brick look like brick again.

How to make brick look like brick again.
In Curblyland, we usually see people paint over brick, but Pretty Handy Girl wanted to do just the opposite. She decided to re-brick-a-fy her painted fireplace. The outcome is rather remarkable, considering she used just paint to get the brick effect. BUT, before the 'after', here are the materials she used:     

TSP cleaner
Scrub brush for use with TSP cleaner
Drop cloth
Painters Tape
Paint Roller and Tray
Stiff 2" paint brush
Car wash sponge or large 6" x 3" sized sponge
Spray bottle with water
7 paper plates
Rags for clean Up
Acrylic Paint 

And now, the reveal. Bada boom! Cool, huh?

For the entire tute, please visit Pretty Handy Girl.

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Anonymous on Jul 20, 2012:

I l.iked it better white!

Marisa on Jun 19, 2011:

You aren't in the Iowa area are you? I'm totally not artistic enough to manage this but I'd pay to get it don.

bruno on Aug 18, 2010:

This is pretty amazing... especially since it's a PAINT JOB!

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