How To Buy An Office Chair for Your Budget and Body

How To Buy An Office Chair for Your Budget and Body


Mr. Mod measures in at 6 feet and 5 inches tall. He often works from home. No matter where he's sitting, he complains about his lower back. He needs a good executive ergonomic office chair. I did some research. Here's a mini review of the top 5 office chair designs, from budget to buku, you may want to consider before making the plunge. 

1. Ergo Mesh Medium Back Task Chair:

Affordable price at under $150.00 from Overstock.com, the chair has a mesh back for cool air circulation and an upholstered seat for cushy comfort. One drawback was that the assembly instructions were a little bit unclear. If you're on a budget, this is the chair to consider.

2. Office Star Deluxe Ergonomic Chair:


This inexpensive leather office chair is for those who want the look and feel of a leather office chair. The chair has some adjustability features as well as being a comfortable chair on the low end of the office chair spectrum. Again, the assembly seems to be a bit confusing. Available for $235.99 at Overstock.com.

3.Herman Miller Mirra Ergonomic Task Chair:

Now we take a big leap up to the Herman Miller Mirra. It's giving the Aeron Chair some competition, but comes in at a lower price point. It's a one size fits all (unlike the Aeron), but an upgrade is available for an extra $200.00 which gives more adjustment options. It's also available in a variety of colors.   Ebay offers a Mirra at $600.00.

4. Steelcase Leap:

created at: 08/12/2010

The snazzy upholstered seat and back of the Steelcase Leap give it a more traditional office chair look and a soft feel. The easy adjustability and gliding seat are benefits, while the weight and hefty price are drawbacks. Prices range from $850.00-$1200.00.

5. The Herman Miller Aeron Chair :

What needs to be said about the iconic Aeron Chair? It pretty much tops all lists as the best office chair in the history of the world. What makes it so great??? It comes in three sizes!! Finally, a chair that accommodates short, medium and tall people. (Think Goldilocks)

The biggest drawbacks are that it is expensive, ranging from $650.00 to $850.00, and it may be a little dated in its look. Personally, I don't think it is. There's no doubt that Herman Miller will perk it up a bit in order to maintain its market dominance.

Source: Consumersearch.com

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ModHomeEcTeacher on Aug 13, 2010:

Amy-Thanks for the flat seat solution. I've traded out many different task chairs at my desk and some really mess me up. I can, in fact, reupholster one to have a diamond tufted seat. I have a very retro Steelcase task chair in my studio now. It needs a new seat so now I know what I'll do. As I found out, sitting for very long periods of time is just not good for the body, no matter what chair you have.

Amy on Aug 12, 2010:

If you notice, both of the Herman Miller chairs have flat seats, and that's a major reason that the chairs are so comfortable.  The curved, scooped out seats throw the pelvis out of proper alignment causing the lumbar spine to be out of proper alignment.

Hey, here's a challenge for you!  Find an old office chair that needs to be recovered and give the seat a nice firm, flat, diamond tufted upholstered makeover.  I know you can do it!!

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